Thursday, July 7, 2011

Epidemic Evil: Elderly Kidnapped & Pillaged By Vultures In U.S. Probate Courts

If you're a senior above 62 years of age and ever receive an invitation or flier in the mail to attend a free seminar on trusts, wills and estates, don't go! It's likely a means for crooks in the legal system to target you for kidnapping under your state's guardianship or custodian laws.  Think I'm kidding?  According to Marti Oakley, an active senior citizen whose been researching probate cases across the U.S., it's epidemic for the probate court system to suck the wealth out of any elderly person that comes into its radar.  
"Vulnerable U.S. citizens - who are neither criminals nor terrorists - are unable to
find a remedy in the very state court system which is knowingly, willfully, and
deliberately violating their rights on a scale of epidemic proportions."
 - An Open Letter to Congress from the National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse (NASGA)
According to Oakley who recently appeared on the Jeff Rense Radio Program, vultures in the legal system are entrapping wealthy elderly folks by determining through fraudulent means they are suddenly "incompetent" taking advantage of their deteriorating state of minds.  The elderly are then essentially kidnapped by police officers from their homes, and taken to a locked down senior home facility while the court and attorneys feed off the victim's carcass estate until they die and even beyond.

Marti Oakley brings to light the atrocious carrying-ons in the legal system, where individuals are deprived of their rights, and there wealth through predatory practices. The unprotected can have a team of Vultures waiting.

People who believe their property and assets are protected by trusts or wills are mistaken since once the state takes over they are rendered worthless pieces of paper. Needless to say, it doesn't take much for a corrupt court to determine a wealthy senior's incompetent. As I've encountered in my own situation, many power crazed crooks in the legal system simply "deem it so" as they see fit based on fraudulent pretenses.
"More far reaching abuse happens in situations where the appointed guardian is removed from his/her position by a court order and replaced by a court-appointed guardian (Guardian ad Litem). It now becomes the responsibility of the the court-appointed guardian to make judgments about medical care, property, living arrangements, lifestyle and potentially all personal and financial decisions.

But it doesn’t end here, the court appointed guardian, in collaboration with the lawyer, presiding judge and the nursing home, use the very judicial system they are part of to profit financially by functioning as partners in the management and control of all aspects of a vulnerable person’s life." - Abuse and Corruption Rampant in Probate Court of Cook County, IL. - NASGA blog
According to Oakley, often times the kidnapped elderly die and are cremated by the state weeks prior to their relatives being informed.  Oakley says the only way to prevent this elder abuse at this current time is for them to protect their privacy not falling victim to scams of those targeting them.  Elderly people should be on guard not disclosing to anyone their financial worth.  Oakley says the only real way the elderly can protect themselves from vultures is to transfer their property and assets late in life to someone they can trust. 

It's not just the elderly who can suffer abuse from the guardianship/conservator state laws either.
"Not just the elderly. If you have an accident, are unmarried, and have a head injury, you are vulnerable. This happened to my 55 yr old husband. He was injured when we were engaged. I have lived this nightmare. My husband has lost his legal rights,- is not a person legally. The filing for guardianship and a ruling of incompetency was done by the Raleigh Rehab Hospital he was in. Once it was filed, he was prevented legally from signing Powers of Atty over to me. The Guardianship system is Hell." YouTube Commenter
Oakley states "We've lost control of our government on both the federal and state levels. Most people are not even aware of how many of their rights are being legislated away by those who believe our Constitution is antiquated. We believe otherwise."

Marti Oakley The Truth Squad Online Radio - BlogTalkRadio