Saturday, July 9, 2011

Orlando Police Arrest Activists For Feeding Hungry Children Evoking Laws of Karma Retribution

I'm not a religious person but I've been around long enough to know this story is an outstanding example of the ole saying "one's spirit can be mightier then the sword."  These police officers who swarmed an outdoor park event arresting and abusing activists for feeding hungry families in Orlando Florida have been convicted by something far greater then they know.  The conviction of these officers' depraved actions happened as many people at the event shouted "shame on you!".
"Six activists were arrested in Orlando for sharing food with the hungry. Two young children are being served as close to 20 police officers swarm in and arrest the food servers. This brings to total number of arrest for this horrendous crime up to 21 people in the last two weeks." - 
The laws of karma, or if you prefer, laws of the universe, are far greater then the government's nonsensical inhumane city codes and are going to manifest themselves one day in one form or another. The officers will likely lose their jobs and pensions in the near future when things collapse. Consequently these officers' own families may be in need of food one day. 

Orland Police are convicted in the spiritual dimension as the world watches their despicable acts of unconscionable deprivation.

People are responding with anonymous videos expressing their disgust.

The officers' names should be obtained, spread around town and they should be denied services at nice restaurants. The officers should also be videotaped in their personal lifestyles to determine how extravagantly they live.  Each one of these officers should be tracked and marked for public humiliation when out of uniform.  There should also be a public call out to the officers' wives to divorce them and immediately deny them sexual relations.