Sunday, July 10, 2011

U.S. Default Chaos Imminent: Food, Water, Emergency Supplies Essential To Survival

I wrote a few weeks ago disclosing someone named Dex on The Wide Awake Radio News program claimed to have obtained inside information that the U.S. government was going to default on its debt. (See Inside Sources: U.S. To Default On Its Debt)   Days later this information was also confirmed independently by Lindsey Williams on the Alex Jones Radio Show.  It seems thus far that the default scenario's playing out as true as President Obama and Boehner struggle to reach an agreement. See Boehner Rejects Obama's Grand Bargain on Debt Ceiling -

Just a little background that Lindsey Williams has had insider connections with two powerful people, one now deceased, who are part of the circle of the elite who have revealed to him on many occasions what their plans are. Williams claims the elite members revealed what they know because he was once their ship chaplain long ago.  Many of Lindsey's claims of future events have proven to be true over the years.

Since 2008 the dollar has lost 50% of it's value, is that enough of a hint?  For everyone who is locked into their employers 401K program, think about the great risks you're taking with your future not accessing and/or converting that money now before it's too late and the market crashes again. A big event is straight up ahead.  We're now at a crossroads and people need to make their decisions very carefully weighing in on the facts.

People who are locked into this matrix about to collapse remain there due to fear and ignorance. It takes a giant leap of faith to leave it all behind and start a new life, to know the universe will take care of you every step of the way when you trust something greater than the government, mankind and yourself.  People who are always fearful and afraid of death can never take that leap because they never let go of fear to know what's beyond it.

Listen at 3:55 for the statement "We are going to default on the national debt".  

Prior to the chaos of such an event that would clearly trigger worldwide collapse, it's essential to store up now on long-term food, water and emergency supplies.  Canned goods often last 3-4 years and are a good opportunity since often times they're on sale.  Develop a strategy to protect yourself and property as well from those who may attempt to steal from you.  If you have a dog, cat or other pet, don't forget extra food and supplies for them too.  See 20 Signs That A Horrific Global Food Crisis Is Coming - The Economic Collapse Blog

It's also a good idea to get a good wireless security alarm system with a back up battery and video cameras.  If you're able purchase a gun, quickly train on how to use it.  You can also read up on various medical emergency procedures such as how to prevent excessive bleeding and other typical emergency situations.  If you are able, leave the country to a safer one before it's too late and martial law kicks in barring departure from the United States.

People won't be able to rely on government services to protect them from what's to come.  We'll all be on our own (something I'm quite used to anyway).  Lastly, know those in the government have ulterior motives and can't be trusted.  Use your own instincts whenever possible avoiding depending on strangers of authority.

This video is good example of how police are turning against good American citizens and how fearful the local community is dealing with such abnormal circumstances.

Please prepare for what is to come all you are able.  Try not to be so naive and trusting of authority figures who are brainwashed to be our enemy in this day and age.  My blog provides endless examples of police officers who are clearly opposed to the American people who torture, abuse and mock them.