Saturday, July 2, 2011

U.S. Legal System Breakdown: Break-ins Without Foreclosure Proceedings Supported By Sheriffs

Mortgage companies and banks are committing break-ins and robberies of people's homes without conducting foreclosure proceedings and the local sheriff in certain jurisdictions are letting them.  A man in Florida was a little behind on a couple house payments so 21st Century Mortgage Corporation in Knoxville Tennessee hired a company to come in and remove and destroy all of his property and strip the home while he was away.  There were no foreclosure proceedings.
"The Hernando Sheriff's Office apparently has no interest in enforcing the laws... or burglary, breaking and entering and trespassing, either. They say it is a civil matter, even though everything from the house was taken or thrown in the dumpster. The wedding dress belonging to Boudreau's wife was even cut to shreds.

'When she saw what happened, she actually went into in the dumpster trying to go through the stuff,' Boudreau says. 'She was crying her eyes out.'" Man Falls Behind On Payments, Mortgage Company Has Home Trashed -
According to lawyer Matt Weidner on his blog, this is becoming more common while the courts and law enforcement are unhelpful.  Weidner says it's very difficult to obtain damages after the victim has to pay an attorney to heavily litigate.

A man shows the open criminality of banks against people who fall a few payments behind on their mortgages.
"To all of you who think……this is an outrage and he should sue and he’s gonna get a payday and what these banks did is so wrong. Let me just tell you that I am litigating these cases hard and you are sadly mistaken if you think the law or law enforcement will protect.

You would be absolutely dumbfounded if you knew the details on just how hard it is for people who are the victims of these most egregious crimes to get even the first dollar of compensation.  Read on in disgust….and keep in mind this guy will litigate for years and if he’s lucky he may get a few sheckles from the wrong doers…." Matt Weidner Law Blog
Essentially, there's a break down in the legal system happening people should know about.  Law enforcement is doing nothing in many cases to prevent these companies from what is obviously theft and burglary.   This is provocation to the utmost degree! This is as cut throat as it gets!  The wife's wedding dress was even ripped up to shreds.

I would imagine the kind of people who would order this couple's belongings destroyed are enemies of America who have infiltrated into our country to behave as pirates.  My questions is, why do these companies think they can get away with this kind of thing without people becoming very angry and back lashing?  Do they really believe they can possibly get away with this behavior without serious repercussions?  For instance, why not send people with cameras to record the faces of these awful people at 21st Century Mortgage in Knoxville and put it up on YouTube with commentary as to how rotten they are?  Why not get their home addresses and stage pitchfork protests and conduct investigations of the executive and employees' improprieties?  If law enforcement fails to do its job, there needs to be a deterrent not to merely turn the unfortunate situation into a money maker for the legal system.

Why do people put up with this violation of their rights to due process as if these companies have any authority whatsoever to do this kind of thing outside the court system? I say to hell with litigation and attorney expenses because the system is too corrupt while profiting from others' misfortune.  People should fight back by forming groups to get data on those who work at these companies, get their home addresses and make their lives hell!

These Sheriffs in Hernando Florida will likely be first in line to knock on the door of any American over the slightest little matter they're falsely accused of by the government but when it comes to real serious crime, they'll sit on their fat asses and say it's a civil matter to have one's home burglarized and stripped by a company without due process.  It's called C-O-R-R-U-P-T-I-O-N.  These Sheriffs need to be brought back down to earth and removed from their positions.  Americans can't afford this kind of nonsensical self-destructive law enforcement.