Thursday, August 11, 2011

Judge Ciavarella Jr. Gets Ass Kicked - Sentenced to 28 years in Prison Over 'Kids For Cash'

As I've denoted throughout this blog, the arrogance of some judges in America is so breathtaking that when one gets caught red handed there's much cause to celebrate.

Judges are obviously a very intelligent group many of whom know how to cover-up using their corroborating corrupt legal networks. Occasionally a judge loses all sense of reality such as in the case of Pennsylvania Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr., 61 accepting millions of dollars in a pseudo contract in return for sending kids to a detention facility.
"Ciavarella, known for his harsh and autocratic courtroom demeanor, filled the beds of the private lockups with children as young as 10, many of them first-time offenders convicted of petty theft and other minor crimes. The judge remained defiant after his arrest, insisting the payments were legal and denying he incarcerated youths for money." PA Judge gets 28 years in 'kids for cash case -
The youths just weren't incarcerated, they were sent to hard core wilderness tough love camps over first time petty offenses.  The video below presented earlier this year on this blog explains the degree of suffering these children and teens were put through over the judge's reckless greed:

 Young people explain how their lives were nearly ruined by the judge's reckless actions.

According to court records, the defendants were even denied a right to an attorney.  Usually the judges like to give the local legal community a piece of the pie, but not when they've been bribed for millions of dollars by a local detention facility:
"Hillary Transue did not have an attorney, nor was she told of her right to one, when she appeared in Ciavarella’s courtroom in 2007 for building a MySpace page that lampooned her assistant principal.  Her mother, Laurene Transue, worked for 16 years in the child services department of another county and said she was certain Hillary would get a slap on the wrist. Instead, Ciavarella sentenced her to three months; she got out after a month, with help from a lawyer." PA Judge gets 28 years in 'kids for cash case -
This type of corruption is just the tip of the iceberg in America's court system.  Judges all over the country are involved in corroborating with setting up the allegedly incompetent elderly in order to enable the probate courts to take over and administer their estates.  In such an event, a will or trust becomes null and void while the probate courts feast off the wealth of the elderly for many years through court appointed administrators.  See my blog post: Epidemic Evil: Elderly Kidnapped & Pillaged By Vultures in U.S. Probate Courts