Thursday, August 4, 2011

Public Outcry Grows Over Fullerton Police Brutal Murder of Gentle Homeless Schizophrenic Kelly Thomas

The growing public outcry over the brutal beating and tasing of Kelly Thomas is an amazing thing to witness.  Ever since a photo of Kelly Thomas was circulated on the Internet a few days ago, people have expressed outrage as related videos go viral on the Internet and in the major media. The brutal torture and murder was witnessed by several people in the community who could hear the man's cries and pleadings.  A photo taken prior to Kelly's death speaks for itself.

According to the father, prior to his releasing the photo on the Internet the Fullerton police were doing nothing to investigate his son's murder.   Thanks to the enormous public outcry such as at the city council meeting in the video below, the six officers involved have since been put on leave.  Seventy people were allowed to express their outrage given three minutes each.  The message was loud and clear the public won't put up with these police mafia activities in their community.

This is an outstanding video showing how the Fullerton community is  demanding their police force start serving them. They also asked the corrupt Fullerton Police Chief to step down.

Eyewitnesses describe to an interested bus driver what they all saw in dramatic detail.

A police insider calls into a radio program to describe the beating from the confidential video footage and to let them know the police chief is trying to disregard citizen's complaints of the murder.

We don't ever see the police beating up the real evil serial murderer criminals now do we?  No, they protect their prize possession criminals with kid gloves who give them notoriety so they can brag about working on famous and/or significant cases.  These type of officers such as in Fullerton are cowards who prey on the weak, helpless and vulnerable because they think no one will care.  These demon possessed officers then cover up and lie about what happens as they practice their Satanic brotherhood rituals of torture and death. It's a good thing for video cameras and YouTube in this day and age. Without these revolutionary technologies, these police officers would have surely gotten away with murder.

In the meantime, Kelly's father was reportedly offered a settlement of $900,000 for the incident in the city's attempt to try and nip it in the bud prior to getting media exposure. Guess where the city gets the money to pay for these kind of crimes? From the city's tax payers coffer!   The community thus has a right and justified interest to demand the firing of the officers and police chief under these circumstances.