Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random Thoughts On Eve Of Possible Stock Market Crash

I couldn't bring myself to do my weekly Lighten Up Sunday's post because things in the world are accelerating I couldn't ignore.  The possibility of the stock market crashing is terrifying!  A crash is a real possibility, let there be no doubt, and it could very well happen soon thanks to the reckless premature actions of those at Standard & Poor's.

So what goes through a person's head when they're aware the U.S. stock market could possibly crash?  Here are a few of my random thoughts the past few days dealing with the possibility of intense chaos and turmoil. Note, the photo is that of a neighborhood cat across the street looking out of its bubble window safe and sound from the dogs below.

Random Thought #1:

Comet Elenin and Planet Nibiru might make all this economic chaos moot since many are saying their arrival will be destroying much of civilization as we know it in October, 2011. 

This is all very strange timing as if the stock market upheaval has been planned to reflect the forthcoming potential calamity of the comet.  It all seems very staged in the timing of it all. I suspect the people behind the scenes know of the impending comet's likely doom and have deliberately orchestrated this economic chaos to reflect it as such.  Standard & Poor's didn't have to downgrade the U.S., it just seems all very calculated at this point. Here's a video to support my observation of this worldwide economic calamity being staged to reflect the arrival of a destructive cosmic event:

Some knowledgeable person discusses his experience studying Nibiru.  

San Francisco may completely be under water should the Planet Nibiru thing be true. is that how I want to die by drowning?  Maybe I should head for higher elevations or try to be on an airplane when it all goes down.  An airplane would be the only real safe place barring the electromagnetism that could cause the plane to crash.  I'll likely just stay in San Francisco since it's my nature not to do anything about forewarnings as with most people.

Earthquake simulation from 4.0- 9.0 will put viewers in touch with the force of earthquakes.

Random Thought #2:

A large earthquake is predicted again between September 25-29th due to Comet Elenin's trajectory with earth.  

A very large earthquake is predicted by someone who has successfully predicted them based on comet Elenin's trajectory with earth the past two times.  She's saying another huge earthquake is likely to occur September 24-29th.  I'm likely not to leave San Francisco because of this warning and take my chances.  I think the earthquake will likely occur in Los Angeles because of a prophetic dream a Joe Brandt had in 1937.

Lady forewarns people of the next earthquake due to trajectory of comet Elenin with earth and was right!

I guess all this means, if true, the stock market should be the least of people's worries. It's one thing to deal with all the fear and chaos going on with human beings from financial issues. The real potential dangers are evident to be so great, the stock market crash will seem like a meaningless event.

People are so used to hoaxes and media hype they may not really understand the seriousness if it all.  Even NASA forewarned their employees to make sure to prepare.

NASA emailed employees in June, 2011 to be prepared for an emergency.

Random Thought #3:

Maybe after it's all over a chosen few good souls be reincarnated for the next life just like a little boy from a WWII pilot as disclosed recently?  You don't see stories like this every day.

An interesting story of a little boy having memories of another life as a WWII pilot and all the supporting evidence as such.

Random Thought #4:

Brain overload.

Nap time, zzzzzz  zzzzzz  zzzz