Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ron Paul's Dead On Arrival Campaign Exposes Major Media's Fraud

In its actions and messages, the major media has already declared GOP candidate Ron Paul as D.O.A., in other words, dead on arrival.  I personally think Ron Paul should embrace the fact the major media's ignoring him as it reveals much about how our politicians become elected.  This arrogance from those in the media proves they participate in a rigged political game they help shape by manipulating the perceptions of the public.  The underlying message in ignoring Ron Paul is that the media decides whose really running for President.  Who are they to say Paul's not electable under the circumstances? 

It's time for Americans to wake up they really have no say in their government in their being brainwashed by a political circus spectacle into voting for those who are lying to them.  It's nothing but a game to these politicians who become wealthy off this process.  Did you know Rep. Nancy Pelosi wealth increased 62% since Obama took office?  According to Judicial Watch, Pelosi also spent $1.2 million on food and booze on her air force airplane.  All these politicians care about is themselves while paying lip service to the American people. See Recession Queen Lets You Eat Cake -

I was at a client's house the other day, one of the few who have children in the city. They told me they will be leaving San Francisco when it comes time for their child to enter kindrgarten because the public schools are so bad here.  They added that a private kindergarten school is $30,0000 and there's a long list.  I could hardly believe it, how difficult the system's made it raise children in this society. 
dont give a rats ass

These politicians are all into money and greed, having ruined our country with their con game on the American people.  Are Americans really that unsophisticated to give a rats ass what Rick Perry thinks about evolution?  See Rick Perry Knocks Evolution Again -  The politicians are attempting to distract from the real issues by playing on American's religious views to somehow sway them.  Rick Perry is an absolute corrupt politician who looks as sleazy as he truly is.  Bachman worked for the I.R.S. as an attorney. 

I personally believe Ron Paul's not converting to an Independent candidate was catastrophic for him.  I overheard Paul on a radio show say he didn't think it mattered what party he ran under.  I thought that decision was extremely foolish.  Why run under a corrupt party's platform?  Had Ron Paul run on the Independent ticket he would have attracted far more attention. Paul's own party practically ignores him because he doesn't really belong to it.

Jon Stewart stood up for Ron Paul being ignored by major media.

It's not too late for Paul to convert to Independent and he should be strongly encouraged to do so.  Many people refuse to vote for any GOP candidate ever in their lives no matter who it is. I'm one of those people. I will never vote for any member of the GOP.