Monday, August 29, 2011

U.S. Federal Gestapo's Targeting American Companies For Extinction

I might agree there are too many lousy guitarists in this day and age, but that doesn't give the U.S. Federal government the right to raid manufacturer's such as Gibson Guitar without any lawful reason as it has twice the past two years. 
"For the second time in two years, armed federal agents have illegally raided the manufacturing facilities of Gibson Guitars Corp., this time confiscating more than a million dollars worth of imported wood and ebony -- and they did so without proper notice or warning, without any valid reason, and without lawful charges of any kind." Federal Gestapo Illegally Raid Gibson Guitar Factories. . . . Natural

The real issue: Gibson's CEO Henry Juskiewicz's "guilty" of recently hiring 580 workers in the United States against the plans of those who want to ship all U.S. jobs overseas the benefit the world economy.

It seems the real reason why the Feds are upset with Gibson is they refuse to outsource their manufacturing overseas against the wishes of the one world economy fiends.  It's become crystal clear businesses that manufacture or farm in the U.S. are being targeted for extinction by a gestapo based Federal government. 
"While many other US instrument manufacturers have outsourced production to other companies, Gibson has hired 580 American employees in the past two years alone, which build its guitars domestically. It is one of the few major US companies that still produces a tangible, valuable product within the country's borders, and one that is led by a humble and forthcoming CEO Henry Juskiewicz who has chosen to stick his own neck out on the line in defense of his company and his employees." Federal Gestapo Illegally Raid Gibson Guitar Factories. . . . Natural
People who own Gibson guitars are also affected by the insane acts of a pirate government that will confiscate their instruments at airports under the Lacey Act:
"In the meantime, those who own Gibson guitars, and potentially even guitars of other brands, may want to prepare themselves for potential targeting by the federal government as well. The vague wording of the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Lacey Act of 2008, which is the law that was somehow used to warrant the Gibson raids, places all guitar owners and resellers in the cross fire of potential federal scrutiny.

"According to [The Lacey Act], if you bought a guitar from us and you resell it, you are criminally liable," stated Juszkiewicz. "Everyone who touches the product, the store owner who sells that guitar, is criminally liable. It doesn't matter whether you knew or not that there was some issue here. It's a pretty dangerous precedent in my opinion." Federal Gestapo Illegally Raid Gibson Guitar Factories. . . . Natural
It has now come to this, buy or sell a Gibson guitar go to jail!  Keep in mind what's being done to Gibson USA and other businesses is without any due process whatsoever.  The Feds strongly rely on their SWAT raids to create an appearance to the public of wrong doing of a company.

Gibson Guitar Chief Denies Wrongdoing After Raids - The Tennessean