Saturday, August 6, 2011

U.S. Government Terrorists Are Stealing And Destroying REAL Foods From Americans

There's a growing market for raw milk in California due to the milk industry feeding cows corn instead of grass. The corn makes the cows sick requiring them to be given antibiotics that affects the quality of milk adversely affecting human health.  Additionally, for those who may be unaware, all corn has been genetically modified in the U.S..  Many mothers especially are concerned about the health of their children and the deficiency of lactose from the poor quality milk.

Because the milk industry obviously has a problem delivering wholesome milk to the masses, rather than finding better ways to produce such milk they've resorted to lobbying the U.S. government to raid and thereby terrorize those farmers and businesses who distribute raw milk products.

This video explains how outrageous the actions of the U.S. government are against the wholesome foods industry.

People are expressing outrage across the country after learning the U.S. government is involved in protecting the milk industry lobbyists with acts of terrorism against farmers and their distributors. As such, the government is demonstrating it cares nothing for the health of Americans and their choices to produce their own food.  The government is basically coming in and illegally stealing, not just the milk products, but all of the food for the purpose of crippling such raw food businesses.  The government claims these people have committed a crime to conspire to sell such wholesome food.

The innocent victims of a government conspiracy as such, are currently out on bail and have had a gag placed on them. Their valiant names are Victoria Bloch, James Stewart and Sharon Palmer from Rawesome Foods in Venice Beach, CA.  This is the second time since 2010 this business has been SWAT team raided that was featured on the Colbert Report.

A video about Rawsome's 2010 SWAT raid describes how crazy the government's behaving as if health foods are a drugs.

The government is overlooking scientific evidence raw milk is a wholesome good real food that was once distributed widely from farms directly to family's tables each morning.

This is where the line is drawn that one can clearly observe how the U.S. government has become a criminal terrorist organization against its own people.  The criminals in government want to have control over our food supply and what we eat to destroy all of our food and make us starve to do so. If you think this is bad now, wait until the economy collapses!  As a result of this practice, I'm boycotting all mass produced milk products and encourage others to do so as well.  A normal industry would simply improve its products that causes people to seek alternatives rather than terrorize people.  The milk industry and government are only hurting themselves with this terrorist activity against innocent people. 

Alternative milk products available include:
  • Coconut Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Soy Milk
As plain as day and for all to see, the U.S. government has become corrupted by corporate contributors and lobbyists acting as terrorists against its own people. When the economy collapses it can only be assumed from this pattern of raids that the government will attempt to confiscate people's food and kill them at will should they resist.
"One of the most astounding elements of yesterday's SWAT-style armed raid on Rawesome Foods in Venice, California is the simple fact that both California and the U.S. government are completely and utterly bankrupt. They're running on financial fumes, and at the federal level, a total debt default was just narrowly avoided (and it will come back again in a few months). But even though these government entities are fiscally and morally bankrupt, when it comes to making decisions about how to spend the money they're confiscated from taxpayers, they prioritize things like terrorizing health food buyer's clubs such as Rawesome Foods." - In Times of Economic Collapse Police State Targets Health Food Buying Clubs - Natural News
When Americans finally care to peel off the mask of the celebrity of its politicians, they will find an evil entity behind it all.  Americans would be well within their Constitutional rights to fire such an insidious government under such egregious violations of their rights and freedoms.

For more info and to donate to help with legal costs for the falsely accused (unfortunately, self-representation's not going to work in this case) please visit:
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