Wednesday, October 5, 2011

America's In Your Face Police State Growing

A few nights ago I was attending a loan signing for a Chinese couple who mentioned how America seemed to be losing its freedom lately.  I asked why they thought that and they responded "because we heard 700 Wall Street protesters got arrested, rounded up for their First Amendment Rights".

The main reason why America's losing its freedom is due to a dramatic shift in wealth from the U.S. tax payers' $28 trillion bailouts of banks in 2008 and how police departments such as the NYPD are being partially funded by the very banks that accepted the tax payer bailouts.  See my post,  JPMorgan Chase Donates $4.6 Million to NYPD in Advent of Wall Street Protests

Here's the latest proof of brazen violation of the U.S. Constitution by police in New Jersey.  Shortly after a man was senseless murdered by police in New Brunswick, a small group of concerned citizens gathered in protest to discuss evidence of how the police had removed their posters over the killing.  Of special concern to the neighborhood was how the police went so far as to break a home's window to remove one poster from the inside. 

As the group peacefully discussed the police actions, suddenly dozens of riot geared police pulled up in a van to arrest the man leading the group along with other innocent bystanders, whisking him away like a criminal.

Watch how the New Brunswick, NJ riot police clearly violated these people's rights to free speech and assembly.  

"In response to last week’s killing of Barry Deloatch at the hands of two New Brunswick police officers, demonstrators rallied at the site he was shot dead. One of the rally’s organizers and an innocent bystander on her bicycle were arrested by an army of New Brunswick police officers in riot gear… for no good reason.
The investigating authorities still have not said why the officers killed Deloatch shortly after midnight on September 22, nor have they released the officers’ names. Video shot by Sean Monahan of New Brunswick." AlexanderHigginsBlog
Obviously, the police think they can get away with this violation of the U.S. Constitution as if they can do whatever they so please.  They need to be stopped and brought to justice, otherwise what we're looking at in America is execution squads who murder without cause that then use riot police and mafia tactics to intimidate people to shut up.

These cops are nothing more than murderous thug criminals that vandalized a home to remove a poster that then arrested innocent people for baseless reasons. These thugs need to be brought to justice and their white trash whores who support this violent criminal lifestyle removed from their beds.  These cops all need to be publicly I.D.'d and rooted out for what they are as problems of society. 

Concerned citizens need to obtain photos of problem offensive police officers, form community groups and target them for denial of public services whenever possible.  These little bubble worlds cops live in within their police departments can't be sustained when they rely on public services in their personal lives.