Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cop Panics Calling 911 After Pot He Stole To Make Brownies Causes Him To 'Feel Dead'

This is an interesting story that happened back in 2007 about a now resigned Officer Edward Sanchez of Dearborn Michigan.  The officer stole some marijuana from a bust and gave it to his wife to bake brownies with.  Feeling disoriented and feeling like he was dying, the officer freaked out and called 911.    
"Honey, I just had a pot bust tonight, let's make some brownies!" - Probable conversation Officer Edward Sanchez had with his wife that later resulted in a phone call to 911.

Cop terrified he's dying after ingesting a "small chunk" of pot brownies.

As can be expected, there were no charges filed against the police officer for petty theft, nor illegal possession of drugs.  Cops commonly view themselves as above the law they use with great intensity against us. It's not enough that this officer resigned, he and his wife should have been charged and at least given probation for his criminal acts.  These cops think they're in the "in" crowd able to cover for one another and so do politicians.  One set of laws apply to them, another for us.

The last time I had marijuana was back in 1997 when a friend offered me hits one weekend prior to visiting a jazz club to watch his friend play saxophone.  I was under a lot of stress at the time living with a crazy roommate so the offer seemed attractive.  I even believed it when he said pot was legal in San Francisco and cops didn't care.  All week the stuff affected me at work when I was at Williams-Sonoma Corporate headquarters where I was feeling a little too mellow while losing my inhibitions.  The stuff stays in your system for days.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-marijuana, but it can definitely affect you in the workplace since it stays in your system long after one weekend.  I haven't done any pot since and don't intend to in the future unless it's made legal.  Besides, wine is better in my opinion.

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