Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Blogging Habits of Concern To A Few

Visitors may have noticed I'm posting later in the day now, it's not by choice but because I'm finding it harder to find things I want to write about.  It seems the flow of news stories is shifting towards covering the same things all over the Internet, many of which are extremely dark and negative.  I'm sorry, I don't want to write about the growing suicides and protests, it's just too scary!  I grew up listening to mellow music in the 1970's especially and this world is beginning to scare me a little.
Today I have a few personal things to post about related to this blog.  A few days ago I attempted to convert this blog over to a custom domain name at the prodding of a blog post that suggesed it as a good marketing tool.  I've never really liked the URL of this blog because, quite frankly, it doesn't match my personality. I feel I've been far more of an involuntary human psychological punching bag in many respects then a kick ass person. Back in 2007 I had created the Blogger URL in a hasty whim over cyberstalkers who wouldn't let up their relentless nasty little campaigns.

Anyway, back to the custom domain issue.  When I attempted to convert this blog to a custom domain it reset my Google page rating from "4" to "0" and managed to affect this blog's traffic. I also believe the process damaged my links in changing to the new domain name that would also affect traffic. For these reasons, I wouldn't recommend other bloggers converting to a custom domain for anything but unestablished blogs. It seems, owned by Google, may have been promoting the custom domain to help out its partner domain name supplier.  With this little blip opportunity to my blog I decided to make some other changes.

My Blog's Not Written In Stone - I Reevaluate Posts

I wanted to confirm that prior to the custom domain fiasco,  I removed a few former posts related to my poor review of an attorney in San Francisco involved with the cyber stalking case. I removed the posts because the issue was outdated by over a year and he had represented the opposing party.  I had checked and my posts were near the top of Google over the dispute.  I decided I had made my point and the case was long over so why dwell on it?

I also removed my former article on marathon running talent Kathy Herzog, a former co-worker from long ago, because I never received her permission and feel now perhaps I shouldn't have under the circumstances. The post was listed high up in Google along with her nice abs photo and I feared it perhaps freaked her out being on my coffee cup which wasn't my intention at all.  I've learned over the years, regardless of my intention, people can interpret things whichever way they choose and often times others influence them to think a certain way.  I have no idea how Ms. Herzog felt about my posting an article with a photo of her on my coffee cup, so I took it down.  This removal in no way means I've changed my opinion Ms. Herzog is as talented as I thought back in 1997 when I worked with her at Williams-Sonoma or that I wouldn't ever want to have a cup of coffee with her again. 

I Need A Break But This Blog Must Go On

I would very much like to take a long break from blogging, this blog gets to be a little challenging to maintain each day, but I've found it to be a valuable tool.  I'm encouraged especially since I recently was offered $30 to simply post a link on one of my more popular articles, something I never asked for.  I got an email from a woman offering to pay me to simply put a few links in an article about her college and voila!  Instant cash.  That means I've made approximately .0000000001 per hour on this blog after the hours I've put into it.

In any event, it's tougher to find interesting things to write about on this blog lately.  I've also been so busy I'm aware my creative cognitive function has been affected being focused on my business and clients' needs.  Regardless of these drawbacks, I will continue to strive to come up with unique stories for visitors to find interesting.

One last thing, should this custom domain fiasco continue to impede the former 2,000+ a day visits to this blog, I will be forced to bury it as a poor investment in my time. I absolutely refuse to start all over again writing to a handful of people on this blog.  It took over three years to build up a nice flow of visitors that this custom domain mistake may very well have proved fatal to the future of this blog.