Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ultrasound of Man's Tumor Reveals Demonic Entity Staring Back in Agony

Well this is like something out of a horror flick about a Canadian researcher who was looking at an ultrasound of a man's tumored testicles only to find a man's face staring back at him.  For the spiritually attuned, we know exactly what this is, a demon from hell causing great pain and torment to its victim.

As can be expected, the doctors just laughed it off as a coincidence after what had first come to mind of similar incidents of Virgin Mary toast, the Face on Mars, etc.  If you look closely at this image, there's little left to the imagination since there's distinct proportional features resembling a man's face including an eye and pupil.  From my perspective, it's really a demon manifesting itself as the source of the man's pain but too many people are frightened to even consider this a possibility.
"It was almost like art coming out of this patient's testicles," said Dr. Naji Touma, an assistant professor of urology at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont. "It was an amusing finding." Here's Looking At You: Doctors Find Face In Testicle Ultrasound - MontrealGazette.com

Demonic entities also manifested themselves in the 9/11 smoke clouds, as clear as day.

Little is left to the imagination of demonic manifestations on 9/11's hell fire. 

Another demonic entity manifests in the smoke of 9/11 fires.

Delemonte is the word in small font center.

Some really evil looking thing manifesting itself.

 The NY Times even did a story on the devil face phenomena.

Many times images appear in clouds as well with distinct human facial features.

What appears to be an ancient roman god manifests in the clouds to a man's utter shock. Our human ancestors may have seen similar things considering these as signs from the heavens.
As the cameraman pans across his backyard the huge face (1min 45sec) can be seen forming a human-like side-profile with a nose, mouth, eyes and a beard all clearly discernible.  The distinctive features sent the internet into a buzz and some users have even spotted other weird goings-on in the clip, including what appears to be a pig flying (3 secs in).- Freaky Video
People can't assume they understand everything about the world we occupy that's been here millions of years.  There are other dimensions these evil things reside in and they feed off humanity like parasites.  Nuff said, a bit too freaky a topic for most visitors I'm sure.