Saturday, December 17, 2011

Future of America: Witch Hunts, Torture, Interrogation Thanks to NDAA

If you want just a hint of what's in store for America's future thanks to Obama signing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Thursday, check out this video of an Italian Appellate Court's scathing review of the prosecutor's conduct in the Amanda Knox case.  There was no evidence against her nor any motive, yet she spent four years behind bars under intense media scrutiny. Amanda Knox wasn't initially even given access to a lawyer while they interrogated her for days in a foreign language she didn't understand.  When these beasts put Amanda behind bars, a prison guard tried to molest her.

Unlike the Italians, the U.S. government has recently granted itself the authority to make U.S. citizens disappear for any reason, including being under mere suspicion.  Based on recent changes in U.S. law, this means even the Italian government has a better system to vet out fraudulent cases brought against innocent people than America does. Think about the fact that under America's new system of government, Amanda Knox wouldn't even get a trial.

Americans are so asleep at the wheel to allow their government come to this.   I've personally observed the weakness in the court system over the years that is highly political, welcoming perjury while deliberately omitting relevant facts.  Arrogance among judges, police and lawyers runs rampant.

See the video below over how desperate the hijacked criminal U.S. government is to pass the buck for 9/11. They're now blaming the Iranians to justify their plans to start a new war.  They're no longer blaming Iraq, but now Iran for 9/11.  We've got a bunch of psychopaths pulling the strings behind the U.S. government who are absolutely out of their minds!

An insanely criminal U.S. government looks to justify a new war with Iran with false accusations of involvement in 9/11.