Friday, December 16, 2011

Kids React to Worst Christmas Gifts Ever (Hoax)

This is a hilarious video showing the results of Jimmy Kimmel asking parents to do a hoax on their kids giving them bad gifts for Christmas.  Some question if this hoax is too cruel.  I found many of the videos entertaining and others disturbing.  You can decide if this kind of hoax is a good idea.  Some children can handle it while others can't going on vulgar name calling binges.  
"Kimmel instructed parents to let their children open one present early this year, but instead of giving them something good, put something they won't like in the box. 'A lot of the kids, surprisingly reacted poorly to that,' he adds, smirking, before showing clips of children being given half-eaten sandwiches, old fruit and veg and household objects. Some react better than others, but tears and tantrums are the most common reaction with one boy throwing his half-eaten sandwich across the room."  - The Worst Christmas Ever - TheSun UK


I recall when my mother gave me a cheap drug store $3.00 candle in a shoe box for my 21st Birthday I thanked her while thinking her to be out of her mind.  It wasn't a hoax.