Monday, December 12, 2011

RED ALERT: Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 4 Possibly Collapsing

Back on December 14, 1963, I was just a toddler when when thousands of lives were hanging on a thread with a frighteningly close one hour window  to evacuate pior to the Baldwin Hills dam break. There was really no way of being sure when the dam would break, if at all.  Such is why former Los Angeles Police Chief William H. Parker's decision to evacuate based on such limited data was crucial to saving hundreds of people's lives.  (Unlike today, cops were mostly good guys back then.) 

I just learned Natural News is passing along information related to the Fukushima Reactor 4 possibly collapsing.  Being someone who went through something like this, and I do remember the dire situation at that age, I don't underestimate these kind of things and neither should anyone else.

They say such a collapse would affect the west coast of the U.S. especially.  People should be on alert and prepare appropriately for a possible disaster forthcoming.

After enduring many months of total information blackout on the situation, an intelligence source connected with NaturalNews has just informed us that Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor 4 may now on the verge of collapsing, and that mass evacuations in northern Japan could be necessary if such a collapse occurs and is confirmed.

NaturalNews presents this only as a precautionary alert, as we have not yet been about to double or triple confirm this report, but we are actively investigating and will bring you updates in a timely manner. Red Alert Fukushima Reactor 4 - Natural

 Coincidentally, this video's photo above shows our home on Cochran Avenue and front yard large tree on the right being engulfed in the flood waters.  We had only left less than one hour prior.  Had it not been for Police Chief Parker's evacuation decision, we'd all have drowned in a horrific deaths.  Only five lives were lost that day of mostly elderly disoriented residents.