Saturday, December 24, 2011

Singer George Michael Says He's A New Man After Near Death Encounter

Former Wham Last Christmas Singer George Michael says he's thankful to be alive after winning his battle with a severe case of pneumonia.  Geroge said his life was saved thanks to his being treated at one of the top medical facilities for that illness in the world, the AKH clinic in Vienna Austria. In a video released by the press corps, a gaunt looking George said:
"I'm not supposed to speak for very long at a time, but Merry Christmas everyone. I feel amazing. I mean, I'm very weak, but I feel amazing. I got streptococca-something. It's a form of pneumonia, and they spent three weeks keeping me alive, basically. I don't want to take you through all of it because some of it I want to protect my family from.  I'm sure I'll get it all written down. But it was basically by far the worst month of my life.  But I'm incredibly, incredibly fortunate to be here, and incredibly fortunate to have picked up this bug where I did.  Apparently the hospital in Austria they rushed me to was absolutely the best place in the world I could have been in to deal with pneumonia." - George Michael Speaks for First Time Since He Was Struck Down By Pneumonia -

"George referred to having 'streptoccoal-something'. What he actually means is streptococcus pneumonia, a kind of bacteria that causes chest and other infections including meningitis. In theory it responds to antibiotics like penicillin, but in reality these strep are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics." - Carol Cooper - The Sun Doctor
Ironically, Michael had big hit in the early 80's, Last Christmas.

Wham's Last Christmas video has 13 million+ views.

This is my favorite George Michael video from his days with Wham. Everything She Wants was a hit in 1982 written and produced by Michael who later had his own highly successful solo career.  Back in 1982-3 it was tough competing with the likes of Michael Jackson but George held his own.  Careless Whispers is another of Michael's huge hits from that era.