Friday, December 30, 2011

Time To Boycott The Humane Society Frauds of America

There's an unbelievable story about a heroine addict who took his kitten with a non-life threatening injury to one of the Humane Society's vet clinics.  He didn't immediately have $400 to pay for the kitten's vet bill but his mother agreed to pay by providing a credit card number over the phone. 
"The Humane Society cited policy when it declined to accept a credit card over the phone from Dockery's mother in Michigan or to wait for her to wire the money. The staff said if he signed papers surrendering the cat, Scruffy would be treated and put in foster care, he said."  Humane Society Sparks Outrage By Euthanizing Man's Kitten Over Money -
Instead of placing the cat in foster care the Human Society euthanized the cat a few hours later.

This is such an outrage!  I'll never, ever donate to the Humane Society ever again that's clearly not the organization it claims to be being inhumane.  People from all over the country are boycotting the Humane Society now and spreading the word of what a sick uncaring money grubbing organization it's obviously become.  I already knew PETA's history having violated the trust of those who surrender their animals to it for adoption by euthanizing thousands of them each year.   I never dreamed the Humane Society could be so equally callous and uncaring of both humans and their pets.
"He described the cat as helping him stay off drugs for more than a year, the longest he had ever been clean. He hand-fed the feline before she opened her eyes at 4 days old, giving her fresh tuna and letting her sleep on his pillow."    Humane Society Sparks Outrage By Euthanizing Man's Kitten Over Money -
In analyzing why they would choose to euthanize the kitten, it seems to me they probably believed it would be the humane thing to do rather than allow a heroine addict to own a cat.

I'd love to adopt a cat myself but our building in San Francisco doesn't allow them claiming they would destroy the wood floors with cat pee.  I don't believe that at all.  Cat's should never be turned away by apartment complexes.  I believe it should be unlawful to restrict pet ownership.  Everyone should be able to own and care for a cat if they so please.

I find the SPCA to be the most trustworthy organization to care for animals and their welfare.