Tuesday, December 20, 2011

YouTube Cat & Baby Video Raises Questions of Safety

This is a very interesting video (below) showing a sweet cat using its mothering skills on a human baby soothing it to sleep.  In spite of this sweet cat, parents shouldn't let a cat or any animal for that matter, near a baby unattended. 

I don't care how sweet and innocent these cats appear, they still have deeply embedded instincts any move a baby makes could trigger an attack.  The warmth from a baby could attract a cat to lay on the baby with excessive crushing weight.  See Cat Suffocates Baby - NY Ties Abstract

In spite of this sweet cat, danger's present.  Allowing any animal near a baby unattended isn't a good idea.

I absolutely love cats but still would never allow one to roam around a baby unattended.  

Sleeping Cat Suffocates Six Week Old Baby - TelegraphUK