Saturday, January 28, 2012

U.S. Draconian Nightmare: Innocent Abandoned Prisoner Left In Solitary Confinement Two Years Without Hearing or Trial

Evil people in the U.S. judicial system are apparently testing the waters to see what they can get away with such as this innocent man left to rot two years in solitary confinement. Steven Sleven was thrown in a New Mexico jail without any judicial proceeding and the Dona Ana County correction officials just let him rot without any health care or human interaction apparently hoping he would die.

Sleven, a New Mexico resident, was initially placed in jail back in 2005 over a DWI and the charges were later dismissed after two years of unlawful confinement.  Sleven since filed a Federal lawsuit and has recently been awarded one of the largest civil rights awards involving an inmate in U.S. history for $22 million.

This is what our system has come to of people being placed in solitary confinement without any hearing or jury trial for long durations of time.

This false imprisonment of Steven Sleven is not an isolated incident according to Sleven's attorney, Mr.Coyte told that he hopes Mr. Slevein's court victory will send a message throughout the state:
"I have never been with or seen a braver man who stood up to these guys for what they did to him," he said. It affects everybody and it's not good for this country.  It's not good for Mr Slevin for sure and it's not good for this country. It has to stop." Lonely Hell of Long Forgotten Prisoner Stephen Slevin -

Sleven's a brave man because the U.S. government system's full of some hideous people practicing Satanism who are capable of sending out Mafioso hit men to silence him at anytime.  Evil knows no bounds except when faced with resistance from those such as Sleven who could have easily perished behind bars.