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Bombshell: Rick Lazzarini of The Character Shop Filed Motion to Quash His Identity for Malicious On-line Activities

**Update** Also see latest: Rick Lazzarini's Horror - A Man Possessed By Satan - March 11, 2014

I've come to a determination on who the person was who went to all ends of the earth to hide his identity with a Motion to Quash filed in San Diego Superior Court of my subpoena for the email address back in 2009 for the lawsuit I filed against Edmond Wollmann.   This person paid thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees to prevent his identity becoming known for his malicious on-line activities and harassment of me.  In turn, the litigation accused me of being "arrogant" and "vindictive" for my subpoena and ultimate lawsuit while failing to address the fact this person had impersonated someone unlawfully on the Internet.  This post explains how I came to learn who this malicious anonymous person was after five long years of being in the dark.

For those who have a Linkedin account, you might notice the system lets you know who's conducted searches of you in its system when it places them in the "People You May Know" group. That's why when I noted a Rick Lazzarini appeared at the top of this group that he had done a search of my name for some odd reason.  Rick Lazzarini's the owner of The Character Shop, (CS), that built special effects props for Hollywood movies.  CS was in business since the 1990's having had past industry publicity but appears to be largely defunct since 2006 likely due to computer animation trends. Lazzarini worked on such movies as Predator, Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy's Revenge, Slumber Party Massacre, Aliens and Ghostbusters II while having had several articles written about him years ago.  His last film project listed on was in 2006.  Also see Special-Effects Wizard Rick Lazzarini Has Gore In His Blood - Orlando Sentinel (1989)

The only reason I know of this Lazzarini name is having come across it in my on-line research a few years ago as someone who had some kind of conflict with Edmond Wollmann the cyberstalker and spammer who I filed a defamation lawsuit against in 2009.  Mr. Wollmann claimed on a forum where he headlined me as a "fraud" that Rick Lazzarini had an obsession with him.  I have no idea what went on between these two long ago, but whatever it was caused Mr. Lazzarini to take on an additional subaccount to his AOL account as  I was contacted with this email address back in 2007 of someone posing as a fan of my singing, then harassed, falsely accused, and ultimately threatened with a lawsuit for putting the address up on my singing blog denoting a problematic cyberstalker who wouldn't leave me alone.

My response:

(click to enlarge) This dispute of the lawsuit began with this initial silly contact from some guy posing as a fan of my singing using Mr. Wollmann's former email address.  Instead of contacting an attorney as I suggested he do in the above email, the man began posting defamation of me all over the Internet.

Using evidence from the Motion to Quash that was filed against my subpoena in 2009 I had already come to a determination that this person was likely involved with the entertainment industry in Hollywood.  The characteristics of such a person is that he was high profile enough that he was willing to spend thousands of dollars in lawyers fees to cover-up his identity in such an expensive motion.  Such a person did so using a well connected former entertainment lawyer near Beverly Hills, a Joe Hart.  Mr. Hart had previously been working with many people involved in the Hollywood entertainment business at his former firm Donaldson and Hart. Mr. Hart's extremely large and unflattering highly accusatory motion caused my case against Mr. Wollmann great damage to the point of the judge(s) viewing Mr. Wollmann as completely innocent and unjustly victimized by my lawsuit.

(click to enlarge) Edmond Wollmann's attorney Randall Dierlam early on in the lawsuit disclosed after a deposition his client was involved in the blog I filed the lawsuit over.  The Court of Judge Robert Longstreth, appointed to the bench by an actor, ignored my evidence I submitted preferring to place me in a Hollywood based role as a vicious vindictive woman out to victimize a long persecuted innocent man another had impersonated.

I also came to the determination whomever filed that Motion to Quash had an extraordinarily large ego that he would feel such a need to lash out at a complete stranger by placing me in a false light to a judge.  Rick Lazzarini certainly fits the pscyh profile of such a person being a Hollywood special effects props man for horror flicks.  Lazzarini's clearly a creative artist prone to delusions and wild imagination such that he knew me after only reading a few things on my singing blog back in 2007.

I know one thing for sure, this person Rick Lazzarini was posing as Edmond Wollmann using his former email address because he had a documented conflict with him and then turned his frustrations in life against me as his victim.  He then used the strong political influence of Joe Hart who filed the Motion to Quash in San Diego Court to get away with his victimization of me as an innocent person.  In the end, Lazzarini worked with Edmond Wollmann to sabotage me as a complete stranger because he perceived I did something wrong to his majesty for responding negatively to his initial contacts.

Even in his first contact Mr. Lazzarini was deceptive in two ways, posing as a fan of my singing while taking on another's email address.  Mr. Lazzarini had been visiting S&M Sex writer Violet Blue's blog where he saw my name and email posted by another cyber stalker, then contacted me with false accusations he held me hostage with.

 Here are some of the things the person with did, having admitted a few of these in the Motion to Quash:

1.  Copied and uploaded my singing video replacing with cuckoo sounds.

2.  Copied and uploaded my father's appearance video on the Lawrence Welk Show, replacing sound with some perverted android voice lyrics singing about me as his daughter.  (Both videos were later removed at my request by YouTube for copyright violations.)

3.  Took my name over to the forums where Edmond Wollmann oversees on USENET where he defamed me in an obsessive manner to get the attention of Mr. Wollmann.

4.  Posted dozens of crazy obscene comments to my blog including referencing former actress Kristy McNichol who I had designed a fan website of in 2002.

5.  Unlawfully impersonated Edmond Wollmann using his former email address.  He mimicked his writing style and wrote on USNET forums to make me think he was Edmond Wollmann who later became involved in a defamatory blog about me.

It was clear the person who used didn't feel he had done anything wrong impersonating another, that he was justified by virtue of his being a man fighting against the perceived evil witches of society.  So why did Mr. Lazzarini's attorney Joe Hart completely overlook this fact of his client's unlawful identity theft and impersonation?  It was overlooked likely because the whole point was not allowing a woman to humiliate him with a victory of uncovering his identity. It was all about power and domination of me as a woman by two frustrated middle aged men who had cleverly entrapped me in their dispute.

What can be accurately deduced is Rick Lazzarini is a frustrated middle aged man who used to get media attention and awards whose business model has been ruined with the advent computer animation technology.  Mr. Lazzarini apparently has a lot of time on his hands as denoted on his Facebook page where he posts a lot of material.  My experience shows Mr. Lazzarini has a very twisted mindset from his years building creepy crawly things and aliens as stage props for horror films.

I had evidence Mr. Wollmann became involved in a defamatory blog full of hundreds of nasty posts including accusations I was a former felon and a forger. See Sample of Defamation.  Mr. Wollmann often wrote about me as if I was a criminal stalking him completely overlooking the fact someone initially impersonated him using his former email address. Mr. Wollmann included my former name Cheryl Behunin in headlines of his post as if I''m a criminal he needed to vet out.  Instead of being concerned with someone impersonating him, it became clear Mr. Wollmann and Mr. Lazzarini were both working together against me in the dispute as partners.  So, I was made the one to blame for it all and these two men used politics of self-importance to victimize me as an apparent powerless person against their evil devices.

Mystery of Person Using Solved

Clearly Rick Lazzarini was an unwell person who felt a need to lash out at me as a complete stranger. He did so in vicious cruel ways and then came out of it smelling like a rose using an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles, Joseph Hart.  Lazzarini ultimately worked with Mr. Wollmann to make me out to be the villain instead of taking responsibility for the fact he was impersonating him unlawfully.  I was given sanctions for my subpoena of and later Mr. Wollmann was greatly rewarded for the role he played as the innocent victim of a vicious woman's persecution of him.

When courts reward men for these kind of activities while punishing the female victim, it's nothing new.  These men all ganged up on me in a big way.  Judge Robert Longstreth, of San Diego Superior Court's East County Division, was the primary judge responsible for making Mr. Wollmann into an angel and unjustly persecuted person to the point of threatening me in court with "consequences" for my lawsuit. See My complaint to the Judicial Council.  Judge Longstreth had been appointed to the bench by an actor famous in Hollywood, Governor Schwarzenegger who acted in the film Terminator - Judgment Day.

All of these men involved in this lawsuit dispute have acted with an intent to damage me, including two judges who were involved in wanting to punish me severely for my merely wanting to defend myself from endless longstanding intense defamation and harassment that had gone on for years and continues to this day.  I conducted myself lawfully with even having had a deposition of Mr. Wollmann.  Mr. Wollmann's attorney didn't file any Summary Judgment to dismiss the lawsuit nor did he file a countersuit.

Mr. Wollmann already had a bad reputation due to his own on-line behavior and criminal acts of trespassing and public nuisance since the late 1990's.  It was clear that after I filed the lawsuit Mr. Wollmann began trying to get all the third party information and disclosure of his activities that's been on-line for years taken down so he could appear having been defamed by me.  See a Website Owner's Lawyer's Letter to Mr. Wollmann.  

In summary, this has clearly been an Illuminati based psy-op the court system corroborated with through Judge Robert Longstreth, who was appointed to the bench by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  See Anti-Semtic Judges Win in San Diego, Six More Years to Destroy Children & Families!  Strong elements of satanism, illusions and anonymity were prevalent throughout.  Lies became truth while truth became lies in a court of law.  Facts were twisted to suit the mindset of these men who believe reality is palpable based on their preferences.

In Closing - Just For The Record

Just for the record, my former name Cheryl Behunin was nothing unusual for a name change back in the 1990's.  My mother also had a legal name change to the last name Merrill in the 1980's after her divorce.  It comes from living in the Hollywood area and that my father's television stage name was Merrill.  So whenever Edmond Wollmann posts a reference to my former name Cheryl Behunin in his post headers, it just shows how he's stalking and harassing me.  Instead, Mr. Wollmann should be focused on Rick Lazzarini who caused the lawsuit dispute by impersonating him in such an unlawful manner.  It makes no sense Mr. Wollmann would blame me for someone impersonating him in such a malicious manner except that he was in approval being in on it for blackmail purposes.

I'm not a "fraud" Mr. Wollmann, I was a victim of your former dispute with Rick Lazzarini I had nothing to do with. You are both complete strangers and neither of you know me whatsoever.  When will you both leave me alone?  Why don't you work out whatever tensions you have with each other and not drag innocent women into your dispute over your ego struggles?

You've both chosen the wrong victim to entrap in your blackmail scheme because I have no assets. Gore in his blood indeed.  Leave me alone.

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