Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Notorious Landlady Likes and Protects Megan's List Child Rapist Tenant Over Me

I just wanted to update on my crazy landlady's intense activities the past few weeks since she put an insane unlawful Cure or Quit notice on my door.  I've lived here in the Marianne Apartment building at 1245 California Street San Francisco since 2003. My rent is currently far below market rates ($1,088 vs. $1,788) due to the new tech boom happening in San Francisco. I'm sorry but that's the way it works in rent control areas, some people have lived 25 years in their units with low rent.  It's not my fault the city only raised the rent 1.9% on average the past few years.

After the unlawful eviction notice was taped to my door to intimidate me, two weeks ago I went down to the Community Rental Board of San Francisco to report an unlawful eviction notice.  Since that time the landlady, who I filed a police report over stolen cash from my apartment, has apparently used my hard earned $6,000 with the blessings of the building owners towards the renovation of two units above and below my apartment. The racket from the floors being ripped up above and below was intense for several days.

Yesterday I removed another Dewey Pest Notice I found taped to my door only to find another one when I returned later that day.  Creepy! The landlady didn't put the date on the document, which prompted her to come back.  Not only did she return with a new Dewey Pest Notice, but she also taped another note to my door that my radiator would be inspected due to the unit below me having ceiling water damage.

As I posted about on this blog, I had given several gifts over the years to this landlady but virtually ignored her last Christmas due to her rudeness over my bicycle parking issue. (See Giving Your Landlady Thank You Gifts is Like Feeding a Great White Shark Chum)  Last year the landlady had called while raising her voice for parking my bike in the back area rudely demanding I remove it.  Ever since then I haven't wanted much to do with this landlady. My $500 mountain bike got stolen from the building garage back in 2004, it was a nice bicycle. They wouldn't let us bring our bikes into our apartments unless it was for storage purposes. They told us to get renters insurance to protect our items from theft.  It turns out they were able to determine it was an inside job that someone in the building arranged for the theft of seven bicycles in the garage. So last year I went to park my new bike in the back area with the other bikes and the landlady yelled at me for it.

The landlady's intensity comes from having no personal life living in her small unit the past 20 years feeling a prisoner to the building she rarely leaves.  She doesn't partake in the local community preferring to read highly questionable literature she attempts to force and influence other tenants such as myself to her points of view.  "Did you get the book yet?" she'd ask me numerous times.  "No, I didn't", I'd respond.  Finally I got the books. They were okay, but a few were really far out such as David Icke's materials.  I noted the landlady had claimed to be a fan of David Icke yet didn't even know the proper pronunciation of his name.

I shared a few of my Alex Jones movie DVD's with the landlady back in 2010. One day she returned the materials with a note that the Masons at the Masonic Auditorium a block away were contacting her, fearful they knew about her having the DVD's.  She mentioned she thought they had ways of discovering she had such materials that her phone might be bugged.  If this landlady believes she is being spied on, she must be spying on others in a similar fashion to have such a delusional mindset.  From my experience I noted the landlady obviously believes she's part of a status quo that would punish her casting her out for watching such alternative news materials.

My primary question at this point is what is this landlady capable of if she enters a tenant's property to rob them of $6,000?  She's the only one with the key to my unpickable locks.   There was no break in. The Dewey man never came in the day the notice was posted indicating the landlady was the only one culpable for the theft.  I'm obviously being targeted by this landlady who has no supervision whatsoever.  She apparently believes she's above the law by carrying out karmic revenge on whomever she believes deserves whatever she feels is appropriate.

I notice the Megan's List convicted felon child rapist is doing well here, living peacefully for many years being a Giant's fan, driving around in his little Cooper car he parks in the garage.  Laws protect a child rapist from harassment that he lives on the top level of this building with a view of the bridge.  The convicted rapist walks around with SFPD shirts scaring women such as myself in elevators while bringing his former prison pals into the building. Yet this landlady was falsely accusing me of doing business on the property?  What does that say about her character?

A few years ago I once found the Megan's List child rapist felon looking dead in the garage with a hospital wristband hanging half way out of his car late one night. I believed he was dead or dying so called 911. He apparently had too much of his medication. The landlady came out when the ambulance arrived being upset with me knowing the authorities would learn a Megan List person lived on the property.  I had done the right thing as a certified CPR provider I received from the Red Cross who could be held liable for not assisting a potentially dying person.  The laws mean nothing to the landlady however, who apparently has her own set of laws she abides by such as entering a tenant's property at-will to commit large thefts.

What this all boils down to is that this landlady covers up for the Megan's List rapist in certain respects while harassing a Notary Public who serves the local community including hospitals and retirement homes.  People call on me when they're dying in a hospital bed.  I'm one of the few notaries able to show up to a local hospital within 10 minutes.

This landlady needs to stop her intense activities against me or I will be forced to keep posting about my opinions and experiences with her activities on this blog.