Thursday, March 22, 2012

PETA's Gone Mad With Latest Sadistic Sex Vegan Campaign

After the recent release of its vegan convert male violent abusive sex campaign, PETA's clearly demonstrated itself an animal charity organization seeking out the mentally insane, maladjusted and abnormal.

Millions of Americans are protesting and voting down PETA's recent videos depicting the advantages of males going vegan to allegedly enhance their sex lives.  The PETA videos below depict abused women claiming the sexual advantages of their boyfriends converting to veganism. PETA then offers a special web site to address special counseling for such men to avoid violent sadistic sex.  My question is, who are the male pigs behind this vain attempt at Onion-like satire? 

This video demonstrates how truly abnormal and absolutely insane PETA has become in the content of its materials.  It qualifies for being The Onion, it's that bad.  PETA is apparently being run by sadistic fascist males in need of straight jackets for their insane ideas.

Insane video by suggests violent sex is a good result from males converting to veganism - These people have completely lost it. 

A video released on February 9, 2012 has nearly 3 million views in the red for dislikes in the thousands.

The fact is PETA kills thousands of animals in its shelters each year with a 95% kill rate in 2011 of those it could have adopted. See  What a sick organization!  Please boycott.