Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Signs From God! Angel Appears in Clouds, the Sun Sends Record Mass Ejections to Earth

I'd say the story behind this angel in the clouds photograph really is a sign from God meant for those who had the eyes to see it.

This cloud's momentary formation occurred with the photographer's noting it just in time as he visited the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

He said: "I went with one of my friends to take photos at the palace's Temple of the Emerald Buddha. "After a few hours we decided to leave and when we were almost at the exit I saw the sky was going to close like it was going to rain.
"Sunrays sneaked though gaps between clouds. It was so beautiful so I stopped and took photos. "Suddenly clouds moved further and formed an angel-like formation over the Grand Palace. "It was incredible, I said to my friend, 'Look, the angel blesses us'.  - Angel Delight - The Sun UK

Note the article was published by The Sun ;-).  Meanwhile, as the sun's involved with such things as angel rendering in the clouds, it's also involved in recent record breaking mass ejections towards earth such that happened on March 7, 2012.

The largest recorded mass ejection toward earth ever by the sun, X5.4 class flare from sunspot 1429 won't have a direct hit on earth, but these are getting closer in proximity lately.  The flare's due to arrive near earth on March 8-9, 2012.

During my mushroom experience(s) in the early 1980's I learned the sun has intelligence, that it's a living thing with consciousness believe it or not, of the highest order.  When the sun shines on your face making you feel warm, try to remember how happy it makes you feel when it's cold outside.  It's a metaphor for God's love or wrath depending on one's state of mind and how they've lived their lives. For me the sun is a powerful good thing, for others it's hell fire. 

My digital artwork from the early 2000's was an expression of my 1982 mushroom experience involving the sun. These renderings I called Variations on a Theme I.

 My digital artwork from the early 2000's was an expression of my 1982 mushroom experience involving the sun. - Variations on a Theme III

"The Holy Bible said "And then shall appear the SIGN of the Son of man in heaven: Matt 24:30; Also read Lk 21:11"and FEARFUL SIGHTS and great SIGNS shall there be from heaven". Therefore, control your tongue or what you say here because it is the last days and any thing can happen. And God can use anything to convey his message to us in other to convience us that Christ will soon appear." - A commenter of the angel photo
Controlling one's tongue isn't an easy feat in this day and age.