Monday, March 5, 2012

These Satanists Are Slowly Killing Me Off

The one thing I've noted about Satanists throughout the years is they're absolutely adamant they can do whatever they want with me as their victim.  Apparently when I moved into my apartment in 2003 and allowed the landlady to do my astrological birth chart, she believed herself to have been given special spiritual providence over my life.  What I had anticipated receiving was a simple document of a few pages along with gratitude I was willing to pay a $125 fee for her service. What I got instead was an obsessed landlady who went to the extent of recording three tapes full of her astrological analysis going into extreme detail on the level of a psychic medium.  It was downright spooky.

Later, the landlady had expressed shock and anger that I had shared those tapes with a coworker that seemed to really disturb her.  The landlady has since brought up my tape sharing on more than one occasion over the years demonstrating she's held a grudge believing I had mocked her in some way.  The truth of the matter was I never listened to the tapes but for maybe 5 minutes.  I didn't care what my astrological chart was because I didn't believe in the stuff. I couldn't help it if the landlady took her profession so seriously, I wasn't under contract to take any of it seriously. The truth was that I had paid the landlady for her solicited services because I felt intimidated with the things she was telling me after I moved in such as about an attempted eviction of a tenant in the building over cabinet slamming late at night.

Satanists Believe Their Faux Spiritual Powers Supercede U.S. Laws

It seems true that nothing I've ever done has any power against these Satanists in their doing whatever they please with me and my life and that U.S. laws don't ever protect me from their activities. For instance, I can go to court over cyber stalkers such as I did against astrologer and La Jolla building manager Edmond Wollmann and someone I later uncovered who was also involved, Hollywood horror movie special effects man Rick Lazzarini.  Judges such as the atheist and anti-Semetic Judge Robert Longstreth appointed by Hollywood Terminator film actor Arnold Schwarzenegger will then slaughter me like a little lamb while greatly rewarding and vindicating the perpetrators for my attempting to stand up to them.

The Satanists observe these victories over me and begin noting the power they're being given in this world to rob, steal and do great damage to myself and others.   It's almost as if they're testing the spiritual waters so to speak to see how much they can float prior to sinking.  People such as myself don't obey or recognize any spiritual providence these Satanists believe is theirs.  I've since learned that with every chance they get, the Satanists have networked, if not in another spiritual dimension, in their attempt for complete power and control over those they believe they have spiritual dominion over.

The issue has and will always be I don't recognize any spiritual providence Satanists have over my life that always pisses them off. When I draw the line, they step over it repeatedly as if they can do whatever they want.  For instance, I wrote three letters to the landlady asking her not to enter my apartment without my being there.  In particular I was concerned for her plan to plant a poisonous substance on Valentine's Day in my unit that was in my opinion highly symbolic and part of a witchcraft ritual of death.  After I delivered the letters, including a copy to the building owners, I believed that was enough to prevent entry into my unit. I never heard back and didn't believe with all the forewarning they'd enter my unit.
A few weeks after my apartment was entered I did not believe had occurred, I discovered the theft of my emergency fund cash that had been taped behind my bookcase (as shown in the photo).  I had last accessed the envelope on January 3 to make a final deposit from the emergency cash fund that was to be used in case of a bank failure in order to pay rent.   When I discovered the theft of $6,000 cash, it was like someone had punched me in the stomach. I couldn't believe it so I made absolute sure it had been taken because I couldn't believe someone would have the audacity to enter my apartment after all the letters I had written documenting my suspicions of their intent to steal something out of my apartment.
Turns out my unit was entered without my knowledge or any notification whatsoever they would do so after I asked them not to. They simply didn't cooperate and did whatever they so pleased. These entries into my unit weren't for emergency purposes whatsoever.  The perpetrators never responded because it was clear a theft was being planned and it was hoped the first entry with insufficient notice was enough to throw me off guard not to be in my apartment to supervise the entry.

Never Call Your Landlady To Ask How Secure the Door Locks Are!

Looking back it wasn't a good idea to call the landlady a few months prior asking her about how good the locks are on my apartment door, it might have peaked her attention a bit. She referred my question to the locksmith who installed the door locks who later told me they were non-pickable locks. This little inquiry apparently caused the landlady to note I had something in my unit I wanted to prevent theft of.  The first red flag I was given was a notice to enter that was with less than 24 hour notice. Usually they provide a week's notice. This tipped me off something was up, and what followed were consecutive notices to enter my unit.  I was able to arrange a new time to be in the apartment the first time, but my other requests were ignored. I believed they would have let me know if they were going to enter my unit after I wrote them they didn't have my permission.

This blog post is to confirm that Satanists are patiently trying to kill me off such as by doing symbolic ritualistic things on Valentine's Day involving poison while stealing a large sum of money. This pattern continues since lawsuits I filed in 2009 against complete strangers stalking and harassing me trying to get to my money with an obvious objective to destroy my life in the process.

This information provided in this post is for future reference should anything happen to me.  I do pray to God and call on the blood of Jesus for protection but wanted to document all of this for anyone else who may encounter such a brazen Satanic network of thieves and potential murderers who use whatever vehicles they can to take from your life.

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