Friday, April 13, 2012

GRAPHIC Video Showing Autistic Teen Shock Torture at the Judge Rotenberg Center Shocks Nation

A trial's currently underway in Dedham Massachusetts disclosing outrageous facts of what occurred and continues at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) that must not be allowed to take root in America. JRC is a private school for special needs kids that uses painful electric shocks for discipline.

The case on trial begins from 2002 after an autistic 18 year old Andre McCollins only sat still refusing to respond in removing his coat.  For such an abominable act perceived by the administrators, he was then tortured for hours with 31 painful shock treatments.  In response at the trial, the administrators of pain are claiming they were just following the policies and procedures of the center.  Regardless, a couple of the sadistic administers of pain can be heard in the video laughing enjoying their power trip.  In other words, these are clearly psychopaths unleashing terror on their victim and enjoying it all the while.

The video below shows sadists run amok torturing a teenager for simply not removing his jacket when asked to.  Warning:  Graphic content

Keep in mind, a court had approved sending Andre to this torture house of horrors that treated him inhumanely. As a 2007 article in Mother Jones stated, this kind of thing doesn't happen in prisons to murderers or child molesters. The fact the officials of the center are justifying their draconian actions as appropriate speaks volumes.  The name of the facility also indicates the approval of the judicial system to put a judge's name as stamp of approval on it.

The attorneys for the center tried to prevent the public from viewing the video after it had been sealed since 2002 but Judge Barbara Dortch-Okara denied the request allowing FOX News access to record the footage.

In this video a psychiatrist testifies how the treatment was damaging to the teen:

Over the years I've witnessed how psychologically sadistic people twist facts and reality to suit their need for abnormal control over others such as myself.  These kind of people are called socio/psychopaths.  Judges and attorneys are often involved to create a mountain out of a mole hill detached from reality, such as how they used the excuse to torture this teenager for not responding to their request he remove his jacket.  Based on his alleged "past behavior" they use this is a foundation to continue with extreme overreactions opening the door for these sadists to have their way.

The Judge Rotenberg Center is much like its name, a rotten place that Amnesty International needs to address if the United States government doesn't have the good sense to shut down.  The founder of the school, Matthew Israel,  resigned his position last year over the growing controversy.

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