Friday, April 6, 2012

Landlady's Mentally Ill, Potentially Dangerous

I'm reporting for future reference that the landlady who I've been writing about the past few weeks is apparently a sociopath. I recently spoke with a book author familiar with the nature of this personality and she says what I'm really dealing with is someone who will never stop her unwarranted activities because it's all about maintaining power and control of me as a tenant in order for her to win.

I explained to the author the behavior and actions of my landlady,71, towards me over the past nine years and of recent including her disregard for my boundaries and belief she has a right to my property to enter it at-will such as to commit a large six thousand dollar cash theft.  I explained the landlady's manipulative nature and aggression including:
Her selling my 42" Sharp LCD television to the locksmith after I had to have my keys replaced due to losing them, my astrological birth chart she did and related psychic reading audio tapes along with her repeated anger at my sharing them with a coworker. I explained the recent crazy activities of the symbolic arrangement of planting poison on Valentine's Day in my apartment, the subsequent theft of $6,000 cash when I wrote her not to enter without my being there.  I told her what followed after I filed a police report, that of a bogus Cure and Quit eviction notice full of lies and hope I didn't have next month's rent. I relayed the following horrendous racket in the renovation of units above and below me that's been going on for weeks in the ripping up of floors and pounding on my floor of the ceiling below as late as yesterday. I also explained the propaganda I've been fed over the years of the landlady believing she's my spiritual teacher in how I was being continually intimidated and pressured to purchase books and to agree with her beliefs. 
From my experiences, including nightmares I've had, I believe this landlady's potentially dangerous and that she feels she has nothing to lose at her age. I'm referring to the possibility of planting poison or toxic substances or the arrangement through a third party for an accident to happen to the tenant on the property. Thus far I noted a brown film substance was sprayed on my coffee machine after a radiator repair person entered my kitchen unauthorized to do so that I secretly recorded on video. The book author told me sociopaths have a way of getting into their victims' minds to manipulate them. I realize now how I was influenced to place the landlady as a partial beneficiary of my IRA account.

I'm not moving and have made it very clear I have no intention on doing so this year.  Should anything happen to me, I want the authorities to know this landlady is out of her mind being mentally ill and capable of anything.

In the meantime, I've got a lawyer lined up whose familiar with the building owner should this crazy landlady escalate again.

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