Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nationalizing America's Natural Gas? President Obama's True Colors Are Showing As Communist

The other night I was listening to a radio broadcast saying America was overflowing with natural gas reserves.  I thought to myself, that's great, we have plenty of natural gas.  A few days later I learned that on Friday, April 13th  President Obama signed an Executive Order to control and therefore nationalize America's natural gas.  

Here's the effect the order has had on one panicked blogger Victoria B:

"JUST THIS AM…. I sent out this…. TO REVIEW….Few people realize this but several major oil companies, including Sunoco, Hess Corp, Valero and ConocoPhillips -- just to name a few -- are planning to close, idle or otherwise shut down refineries on the east coast.
That would remove 51% of U.S. East Coast refinery capacity from the equation by some accounts. This means that delivering fuel into the northeast corridor's airports is going to become especially problematic and more expensive.
Why is this? Because Obama has run the regulations thru the EPA thru the roof costing these companies to shutter their business. NOW why would he do that… first step to take a country FROM CAPITALISM TO COMMUNISM…
Here it is out of his mouth…..www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M1WlV7vafk&feature=related and here www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlTxGHn4sH4 . This is NOT A PROPHET …this is someone who is
Orchestrating our collapse, implementing Agenda 21 (energy access and consumption to be reduced by the US by 75% by 2050) and implementing a COMMUNIST REGIME!
NOW we have POWER PLANTS CLOSING…. Again, this is not “OOPSY DAISY WHAT HAPPENED HERE” this is by design, planned and implemented!!! See below!!
AND NOW HE’S GOING AFTER NATURAL GAS!!!"  - Power Grab For Natural Gas New Executive Order - Obama Did an Executive Order Last Night To Control Our Natural Gas! - BeforeItsNews.com
It's becoming crystal clear to many Americans such as myself that President Obama's intent on destroying America is based on a Communist agenda.  Americans who blindly follow this man and his criminal based Mafia regime are doing so at their soul's own peril.

Power Grab For Natural Gas New Executive Order - Obama Did an Executive Order Last Night To Control Our Natural Gas! - BeforeItsNews.com