Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebration of Golden Gate Bridge - To Hell With War Profiteers Holiday

On this Memorial Day, aka War Profiteers Holiday, while many cheer on our U.S. soldiers to kill innocents in the name of their freedom to be happy and willfully ignorant,  I'm saluting those who engineered and created the Golden Gate Bridge.   

Last night the weather was perfect for the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge fireworks show.  At times I could hear cheers. 

The last just and necessary war America participated in was against Hitler in WWII.  Such a war was truly full of honorable people including those who fought in previous American civil wars for our independence.   These people were drafted into war, not seeking a career in it as such.  Those soldiers fought as a duty to protect their fellow Americans from harm.  All other wars that followed were B.S. for war profiteering in which people are now hired with a paid salary and benefits as an employee of the U.S. government to torture, kill and maim innocent people abroad.  False flag operations have been well documented in triggering senseless wars throughout history.  Unfortunately, there are too many Americans who succumb to a delusional belief system that such wars are necessary to secure their way of life. 

U.S. soldiers are attracted to the special benefits the government offers that includes a free college education, travel abroad, special training, salary, pension and medical benefits. Therefore, these are non-volunteers who aren't participating in fighting in these corporate wars for any real honor whatsoever.  Multitudes of soldiers are committing suicide and Americans could care less because they insist the loss of lives are necessary to secure their freedom. One day a year many  fat lazy hypnotized Americans express appreciation for those who have been slaughtered on their behalves, sacrificed for them on the alter of Satan himself.

Insider information the U.S. Military is being prepared to turn against the American public when the dollar collapses.

Americans who believe these wars are necessary to fight on their behaves are greatly mistaken and currently facing their own military being ordered to turn against them when the dollar collapes.  For those troops who don't obey orders of the world government, U.N. troops will be sent in followed by a gruesome invasion and attack by China and Russia.