Monday, May 7, 2012

The Mayans Were Right About 2012 - Extinction Event Imminent with Fukushima Reactor 4

The ancient Mayan's must have been time travelers to foresee the danger of a major extinction event surrounding the year 2012.  Keep in mind the last extinction cycle occurred 65.5 million years ago, referred to as the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event. Many laughed at the idea as silly but it seems the  biggest threat ever to human civilization and much of life on earth is at hand. I know it's hard to believe being all too surreal, but our lives are all hanging on a thread at this very moment thanks to Japan's Fukushima Reactor 4. 
"The news you are about to read puts everything else in the category of "insignificant" by comparison. Concerned about the 2012 U.S. presidential election? Worried about GMOs? Fluoride? Vaccines? Secret prisons? None of that even matters if we don't solve the problem of Fukushima reactor No. 4, which is on the verge of a catastrophic failure that could unleash enough radiation to end human civilization on our planet."  Fukushima Reactor NO. 4 Vulnerable To Catastrophic Collapse. . . Human Civilization on the Brink - Natural
So it now seems the ancient Mayans were right surrounding 2012 that this is likely the year when human civilization will change forever. The sad fact is that we're all guilty as a human race for allowing ourselves in this position of destroying this planet.  As a whole, the human race is deeply flawed primarily due to conscienceless greed.  While others such as Mike Adams at Natural News philosophize scientists have run amok as the core of the problem (see Human Race Being Terminated By 'Scientific Suicide' - Natural News and Terminator Robots: Scientists Develop Plastic Skin that Bleeds Red Liquid and Can Even Heal Itself -, what it really boils down to is corporate greed influencing people such as scientists to do reckless things and make bad decisions without regard for our planet or others' lives or future.
"It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No.4 reactor." - Mitsuhei Murata, Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland and Senegal, Executive Director, the Japan Society for Global System and Ethics  Fukushima Reactor NO. 4 Vulnerable To Catastrophic Collapse. . . Human Civilization on the Brink - Natural
I always thought of the Japanese as the most intelligent race on the planet, and see I was  wrong.  I don't understand why Japan couldn't turn down General Electric Corporation's (GE) offer to install its poorly designed nuclear reactors years ago. It was such no brainer.  Any normal country would have said "hell no, we sit on a major earthquake fault, are you nuts?"  Instead Japan drank the koolaid and our futures are all gone. GE owns much of the media that's kept this horrific news under wraps for months.

Thanks to greedy corporations like General Electric, humanity's future is nearing its end in 2012-13. 

We can use Fukushima as a yardstick to note how the powers-at-be are completely ignoring this threat to humanity thus far while idiots like Al Gore continue to push their global warming hoax. If Gore really cared about the planet he would be on top of this Fukushima disaster.  Tepco's been working on the problem claiming they can't afford to fix it.  If Al Gore so cares about the planet why doesn't he and his billionaire friends come to the rescue and have scientists and technicians working on solving this problem?  Tepco's so given up that it's even been sending its employees home on the weekend! 
"Mr. Murata's stunning statement should be front-page news everywhere around the world. Why? Because he's right. If reactor No. 4 suffers even a minor earthquake, it could set off a chain reaction of events that quickly lead to North America becoming uninhabitable by humans for centuries to come. Imagine California, Oregon and Washington states being inundated with radiation -- up to 85 times the radiation release from Chernobyl. We're talking about the end of human life on the scale of continents."  Fukushima Reactor NO. 4 Vulnerable To Catastrophic Collapse. . . Human Civilization on the Brink - Natural
The horrifying truth is that there's no current technology available to fix the problem at Fukushima 4 and that all it would take is a small earthquake to destroy human civilization where North America would become largely uninhabitable.  The entire world governments have been largely ignoring the #1 threat to human civilization as if it doesn't exist!

Sadly, none of this had to happen, there were other forms of energy invented we could have used other than nuclear such as harnessing hydrothermal vents in the ocean.  Greed clearly fueled the nuclear industry and blinded people who profited by promoting it in questionable geographic areas.  This same greed has taken over many other industries as well including pharmaceutical, GMO, oil and many others. It's really a systemic problem humanity can no longer control.

A time traveler apparently went into the future from the ancient Mayan civilization (not to mention those in the Biblical prophecies) to forewarn us in our time line of what was to come and that humanity didn't make it.  After this extinction event occurs, the evil ones will surely be burrowing under ground for decades to mutate into a new species.

 Human Race Being Terminated By 'Scientific Suicide' - Natural News  

Terminator Robots: Scientists Develop Plastic Skin that Bleeds Red Liquid and Can Even Heal Itself -