Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama's Selling America Out To The Communists!

I feel sorry for my fellow Americans who are still holding onto the naive notion Ron Paul can save them from what's happened in the United States.  The Communists have been steadily dismantling America through Obama, himself a Communist, in anticipation of the dollar crash to invade our country, kill Americans and take over our resources.  Americans are choosing to still believe they have a viable election process in spite of clear signs of imminent danger. See my post, Communists Slithering Into America - Prepare for China and Russia Attack
"If we are trying to become independent of foreign oil, then why is the Obama administration allowing the Chinese government to buy up U.S. oil and gas deposits worth billions of dollars? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The United States desperately needs to maintain control over its own domestic energy resources so that we can end our addiction to foreign oil. As I have written about previously, the United States actually has plenty of oil. If we would simply use the resources that we already have, we would never have to import a single drop of foreign oil. But instead, we continue to be the largest importer of oil on the planet and we are allowing China to rapidly buy up oil and gas deposits inside the United States. This is fundamentally wrong and it is a serious threat to our national security."  Why Is The Obama Administration Allowing Chinese Government To Buy Up U.S. Oil and Gas Deposits Worth Billions of Dollars? 
Unless there's a coup de etat in the White House and Americans take down the current Communist leadership structure occupying the U.S. government, there is virtually no hope for America or its citizens from a coming brutal attack from China and Russia.  These two countries are planning a dual pronged attack after the U.S. dollar crashes, Russia by air missiles and China by land invasion.  The American public is not being prepared by the U.S. government for obvious reasons since it plans on turning the U.S. Military against its own people.

The attack will come in waves:

1.  Dollar crash
2.  U.S. military - Martial law
3.  U.N. troops backing up in case the U.S. military turns against Obama's orders
4.  Russia and China will begin a brutal attack and invasion.

In this video, a naive American tries to calmly explain what Obama has done is treasonous, yet still clings to the foolish idea electing Ron Paul will solve the problem.  

Without the U.S. dollar, Americans are worthless to the world.  These other nations are angry at the gluttony and entitlement Americans have enjoyed for decades due to its powerful world currency. When the currency is no longer there for Americans, we will have absolutely nothing to stand on, especially since we allowed a Communist dictator to take over our country and its U.S. Constitution.

Evidence U.S. military has orders to turn against their own countryman at some trigger event they're preparing for.

I just sit in wonderment at how naive Americans have become to what is happening. To me, it's as plain as day.  Americans are arrogant and oblivious that we are not special in the world any longer.  These countries are going to come in and slaughter us and the U.S. military will be ordered to help them.

So much for free housing and healthcare.  People who put their faith in a frail little old man Ron Paul to help them through this mess are kidding themselves.