Saturday, June 30, 2012

Millionaire Pops Poison Pill in Court Over 15 Year Prison Sentence

I don't believe this has ever happened before that someone took a poison pill in court after being found guilty of arson being sentenced to prison. A video shows former millionaire Michael Marin obviously swallowing a pill in an Arizona court after the sentence was read. Shortly thereafter, Marin took a sip of a sports drink and went into convulsions falling flat on his face dead.

A former millionaire commits suicide in court over a guilty verdict.

Apparently Marin couldn't deal with having to scale down his wealthy lifestyle of living in a $3.5 million mansion he couldn't afford by coming up with some hair brained idea to escape his plight.
"Investigators said Marin deliberately burned down his $3.5 million suburban Phoenix mansion in July 2009 after it failed to sell at a charity auction and he could no longer pay the mortgage. He was seen escaping the fire by climbing down a rope ladder while wearing scuba gear."  Michael Marin Dies Moments Aftering Being Convicted In Arson Case - CBS News
All I can say about this story is this man obviously made some bad decisions but he didn't deserve to die over it.  He looks like a good decent person to me. He harmed no one but himself not being involved in any investor ponzi scheme.  I'm sad this person couldn't find a better way of dealing with his problems.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Identity Thieves Opening New Accounts - How To Prevent This Crime

A few weeks ago I got a call that someone had attempted to purchase a few hundred dollars of merchandise from a Chicos in Florida using my debit card number.  I've since been talking with a few people who say the same thing's happened to them recently.  Banks are able to catch these kind of charges without harm by reversing or denying charges but when criminals open new accounts without your knowledge using a different address it's far more threatening.

He said the main goal of the report is to educate people about preventing identity theft in the online world. "Like, for example, paying a bill online on free Wi-Fi at the airport just isn't a good idea," he said.
Stephens said the best way to protect against new account fraud is setting up credit report freezes. That means that you can't receive any new credit cards, loans, mortgages or other credit-based accounts unless you unfreeze the credit. It can be a pain, Stephens said, but it's the only secure way to prevent identity theft.
“It’s a huge, huge problem,” Stephens said. “Unlike existing account fraud, it can take the victim literally hundreds of hours to remedy.”
The way I protect myself from potential ID theft crimes is by having a free 90 day credit alert put on my account with Equifax.  I can renew the alert every 90 days and Equifax has a quick automated phone system.   When someone attempts to open an account in my name, the bank will be required to contact me by phone first prior to opening any new accounts.

A new study on ID theft was released that can help as stated in this article, Financial Loss From Identity Theft Increasing - The Bay Citizen,  that can help people understand how not to make mistakes such as exposing their information through WiFi at airports, or giving away a debit card password at compromised ATM machines equipped with hidden cameras.
He said the main goal of the report is to educate people about preventing identity theft in the online world. "Like, for example, paying a bill online on free Wi-Fi at the airport just isn't a good idea," he said.
Stephens said the best way to protect against new account fraud is setting up credit report freezes. That means that you can't receive any new credit cards, loans, mortgages or other credit-based accounts unless you unfreeze the credit. It can be a pain, Stephens said, but it's the only secure way to prevent identity theft.

The beauty of the Equifax system is it's absolutely free with a confirmation by mail.

How it works:

Equifax works with the other two nationwide credit reporting agencies, Experian and TransUnion, so that when you request an alert through Equifax, your request is automatically sent to the other two agencies. Generally, the alert will be placed on your credit file with all three agencies within 48 hours.

Next steps:

To place a Fraud Alert on your Equifax credit file:
  • Online: Place an Initial 90 Day Fraud Alert or Active Duty Alert
  • Call: 1-800-525-6285 OR
  • Write to:
    Equifax Information Services LLC
    P.O. Box 105069
    Atlanta, GA 30348-5069

The Matrix We Live In Today Is Petula Clark's 'Downtown'

The national anthem of the matrix is Petula Clark's 1960's hit's Downtown.  With nearly 5,000,000 hits, no one's forgotten this 1960's classic.

Listen to the lyrics.  Took the red pill! This was a cool song. Cool!  Cool!  Really cool!

I'm so sorry, I haven't had much time to blog lately. I've been busy in psyche warfare with bankers and the like arguing with me over $30 charges for one hour of my time.  I'll be back soon in no time to blog more earth shaking relevant material, that is unless my landlady has me killed first. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fascists Motorcade Disrupts Gorgeous Day in San Francisco June 26, 2012

Yesterday people were enjoying an unusually beautiful warm summer day in the financial district of San Francisco.  Their lunch time was rudely interrupted however with police started yelling at them to get out of the cross walk.  This is what followed:

Pomp and circumstance just comes out of nowhere in San Francisco. At tax payer expense, dozens of police are summoned to escort fascists around town.

I asked around and no one knew who the royalty was in the vehicles.  Nothing was in the news I could find either. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UN Agenda 21's Dismantling America

UPDATE  - Rosa Koire's going to be appearing again on the Alex Jones radio program this week on Thursday, June 28th.  A while back I listened to an urgently needed radio interview by Alex Jones of Rosa, author of Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21.  To think I hadn't even heard about this abominable U.N. Agenda 21 prior to this interview!  Ms. Koire's delivering a dire message that all Americans need to know is behind the gradual dismantling of our country on behalf of a world government.
From this interview and the videos below I've learned there are things we can do locally to prevent what's been described as a "below the radar" growing totalitarianism threat to our freedoms.

 For those who want the details of this program, take the time to listen to  Rosa Koire's presentation.  This is extremely helpful in understanding what's happening in the U.S. under Agenda 21.

This is also a helpful video presented last year as a follow-up to Rosa's pioneer work disclosing U.N. Agenda to the American public.

Rosa Koire's from the San Francisco Bay area who wrote a very significant book, goes on radio interviews on popular radio programs, yet has no Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin accounts.  This message Rosa has about UN Agenda 21 is extremely important and dire to all our futures.

Rosa was great on this radio program but needs to get her message out more effectively on the Internet.  

This is actually the start of the interview, but the first video I posted has more viable information related to Agenda 21.

It's rather unfortunate Ms. Koire doesn't yet have a viable social network to convey this much needed information effectively on the Internet.  It's totally puzzling someone can conduct such incredible interviews as a great communicator, yet not have the basic infrastructure necessary to help get the message out, not even having any Facebook page.  Why, even I have a Facebook page as a complete nobody.
"Over the course of the legal challenge Koire became aware of the source of the planning revolution she had observed over more than 10 years:  UN Agenda 21.  Through her research she found that much of the funding to implement local UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development land use programs comes through the diversion of property taxes to redevelopment agencies.  Her work in providing information and solutions for communities fighting UN Agenda 21 has spread across the nation as more and more people become aware of the increased restrictions on their property rights, and the methods used to implement social engineering.   
Through her website and her grassroots tactical organization, Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition, she, with other community leaders, has enabled activists on many seemingly unconnected issues to come together and fight the source: UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. - Rosa Koire, ASA Executive Director, The Post Sustainability Institute.

Rosa Koire put together a powerful message through her book and has great communication skills.  I don't understand why she has no Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter page that are most necessary to be effective in this Internet age.  This tiny little oversite makes Ms. Koire invisible and therefore non-existent to millions of people who need to hear and/or read her message.

Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21 
The Post Sustainability Institute

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I'm Posting's Gonna Change Your Life Forever

Very few of us have the ability to think for ourselves with an original thought as opposed to being brainwashed and cultivated by our culture.  I tend to gravitate toward original thinkers.  Once in a great while I feel I have something unique to share of my own thought process that hasn't been manufactured by someone else.

Unfortunately I don't have any original thoughts to share right now though I do have questions.  Questions like, why did my mother have a gynecologist stick his hand up my rear end for a pelvic exam when I was only 13 years old? Why was that necessary?  I've been told pelvic exams aren't meant for girls at that age.

Puppets are entered from the rear end, perhaps that pelvic exam was my initiation into puppet hood in which I've been endlessly manipulated by others for years.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BOMBSHELL - New DVD Exposes Obama's REAL Father Was Communist and His Mother White Trash

The fruits of Obama's progress of destroying America's capitalist system are becoming evident along with the newly revealed fact of who his REAL father is.  After two years of research,  film maker Joel Gilbert pieced together evidence after noting how excited and passionate Obama became when giving speeches over class struggles.  The outcome of painstaking research is a new film released on DVD entitled Dreams From My Real* Father.

For those unaware, terrorist leader Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground who was convicted of bombing the U.S. Capitol admitted to writing Obama's biography. See video Bill Ayers: "I Wrote Dreams From My Father".   Ayers was pardoned for his terrorist bombing by President Clinton in 1992. 

This is the REAL story on the offspring communist seed that's planted itself in the White House.  

The real story behind Obama and his fraud on the American public.   

In a 1980's documentary, a FBI witness describes terrorist Bill Ayer's communist plans to send Americans to Reeducation camps and to ultimately kill off  25 million people.

Obama sure wasn't about Motown, but about destroying the infrastructure of what enabled Motown to become popular in America through a free market Capitalist system.  

This Obama is so delusional, he thinks of himself as a king when the facts of his origins are becoming ever so clear that he's a fraud, a criminal and a very dangerous wanna-be dictator.   Americans are so brainwashed and willfully ignorant to fall for this idiot's farce!  We'll all pay a very high price for enabling this fraud criminal to get away with what he has.  The love of fame and celebrity is what numbs and prevents many Americans from acknowledging they've got an enemy in the White House whose preparing to allow all hell to break lose on American soil.

U.S. Military on U.S. soil preparing for war with its own people.

I never voted for Obama. I didn't vote for either trash candidate offered in the last election.  I've since repented over voting for the NAFTA sell outs Clinton and Gore.  These are all a bunch of crooks and enemies of America posing as politicians conning Americans.  They work on behalf of foreign world body banking interests and nothing more.  They plan on killing off millions of Americans!

Official Site: Dreams From My Real Father

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wild Eyed Women Chasing Me Down On The Streets Wanting My Job!

People are becoming desperate.  There's an intensity growing I've been noting especially the last few weeks.  Women are becoming crazy in particular and I've been noting a pattern of growing intensity coupled with a disconnect from rational thinking.  Here are a few examples I've encountered the past few weeks:

Desperate, Wild Eyed UPS Notary Public Gets In My Face Demanding I Provide Her With My Yearly Income and Other Information

There's always a downside to everything and in this case when I have my business signage, I get crazies who approach wanting me to help them become self-employed in my field.  When I'm not approached on the streets they also ask me questions at businesses where office workers are very curious.

  • Yesterday as I was walking into my office building some loud obnoxious lady got in my face rudely demanding I provide her with information on how I make a living as a loan signing agent. The lady presented herself as an employee at UPS and a notary public expecting me to be some information hub for her future self-employment.  As I politely attempted to dismiss her preempting an appointment I was headed to, she demanded my time like some crazy person.  Knowing full well my name would be fully accessible to her on the Internet, I was as polite as I could be while telling her the downsides to the business that are numerous.  Her final departing question as she walked down the street about 40 feet away was how much money I made.

Crazy Receptionist at Law Firm 
  • A receptionist tells me the lawyer who summoned me for a notarization isn't likely there and didn't inform her of time change he made with me of the appointment for her schedule.  She proceeds to seat me in some cheesy conference room and says she will check to see if he's in his office anyway.  After she checks, she comes back offering me water making me believe he's there.  I wait 15 minutes and finally come out asking where the attorney is and if she could call him since he didn't give me his cell number.  She calls him and leaves a voice mail message.  When he calls back, he doesn't call me but tells her he thought he made the appointment later.   After I told her I wouldn't be coming back and wouldn't provide any services to their law firm in the future, the receptionist threatened to report me on Yelp!  The lawyer called later to apologize saying the receptionist was recently hired.  He apologized claiming he was in a tunnel and couldn't reach me by cell.  

Crazy Female CEO of a Site Inspection Firm
  • Ladies at a site inspection firm for credit applicants were intent on harassing my business for their system's flaws for site inspection appointments they had scheduled with me. I was getting friendly reminder emails about appointments I was assigned, and related phone calls over their mistakes.  When they called, they wouldn't listen to me, reading from some script.  Finally, I went out to the address of a medical establishment that had two locations that they needed inspections at both locations I was assigned too.  The CEO couldn't get it through her head I went to the correct address provided on the form because there were two addresses.  She kept saying I should have called before hand to confirm the address was correct.  She refused to pay me for going to the correct address that was closed because it's only open one day a week. The CEO couldn't handle the fact I pointed out the flaws in their system to them.  

I've learned over the years that there are many stubborn, crazy, obnoxious women who permeate this planet.  I understand now why men wanted to keep women in the kitchen and in child rearing.  Especially after I've witnessed Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein become monsters over the years.  In my next life I'll just get married at 21 and have kittens.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Society's Break Down Accelerating Into Crazy Times

I'm experiencing things that indicate society is rapidly breaking down.  In the past 48 hours I've encountered unusual activities which are going to be added to the FBI report I posted about earlier. See I've Reported My Landlady & Criminal Network to the FBI - May 22, 2012.   Others have also been sharing they've had similar types of experiences.

The first incident I learned about two days ago put me in research mode as to how someone could have possibly obtained debit card info I hardly ever use to try and purchase merchandise in Florida. The transaction was declined but I was very curious.  My curiosity was interrupted however after I received another phone call from a credit union claiming someone is doing something else related to fraud though not with a credit card.  This caused me to have to drop my other research to tend to the new issue that required me to mail out statement of fact documents.

Later in the day someone called to ask if I provided fingerprint services for background checks.  After I referred him out, he went into a long diatribe about how he witnessed a finger print business owner being very rude to a woman that he couldn't use his services.  I considered that call very strange to say the least.  I didn't express any particular interest in the man's issue but he wanted to talk my ear off about it.

As I was at the post office a lady asked me for my business card and shared  a similar experience of credit card fraud.  This credit card theft seems to be happening to everyone I speak with lately.  Customers have also been bringing in forms to notarize related to credit card fraud statements.

It seems we're all under attack in one form or another.  Things are breaking down. Be on guard, the zombies are coming out of the woodwork.  People are going crazy.  Oh snap!  I wish I had more time to blog but I've got a business to run and when these other things come up they take priority.  I'll get back with the blog thing hopefully by tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adidas Cancels Release of 'Shackle Sneakers' Amidst Outrage

What was Adidas thinking when it planned to release its new shackle sneaker design it since canceled due to outrage expressed on its Facebook page?  Who are the idiots behind such design and production of these trashy ideas?  Whomever they are, they should be fired and denied a career in the field because this is pure insanity.  Wait a minute, I see the primary person behind this humiliation of the human race is designer Jeremy Scott.  What an a-hole!
"The public got its first look at the sneakers when Adidas added a photo of them to the brand's Facebook page on June 14 with the caption: “Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?”  The posting racked up nearly 3,000 comments, with many calling the sneaker inappropriate and ugly." - Adidas Cancels Release of Controversial Shackle Sneaker -

They should give fashion designer Jeremy Scott his shoes back and make him wear them the rest of his life in shame.

In spite of its cancellation of this sneaker's release, I highly recommend people boycott this company. The very fact they announced the shackle sneaker's release is enough to tell how little they think of a public they obviously view as dumb enough to accept such garbage.

A big F*** you to Adidas!  Wear these things yourselves a-holes!  You can take your slave shackle shoes and shove them where the sun don't shine!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Worse then Dr. Frankenstein, Mad Scientists Rise Playing God

As stated in a previous post Are Body Scanners First Step Towards Beam Me Up Technology?, nearly everything introduced in many of the early Star Trek and Star Trek Next Generation episodes have come to fruition today or are in the early stages of development.  The closest thing to Beam Me Up Scotty technology I've found is in the proposed technology recently posted about The Digital Immortality Institute (DII) in How to Become Immortal: Upload Your Mind.

The concept is based on uploading the contents of a person's brain and then downloading it again into a new body. This is the kind of thing science fiction movies are made of but DII says it's possible.

DII has determined the three things necessary to achieve digital immortality are:
  1. Guaranteed Internet access;
  2. Ensure the identity integrity of the avatars for each individual user;
  3. Make sure the personality, memory, everything that makes up the person as a unique individual, has been uploaded into the digital facsimile before the actual person dies.
Transhumanists Play God

Not surprisingly, the concept of digital immortality comes from transhumanists.  (See Are Chemtrails Worldwide Biowarfare Against Humanity?) Anders Sandberg, a DII scientists and member of the new transhumanist movement, believes uploading minds and downloading them into new bodies is a technology that is imminent. Why?  Sandberg says the technology will emerge because of people's desire to overcome aging and death as well as solving problems of overpopulation.

As with all new technologies in development there's always a concern of misuse by those with evil intentions.  Playing God as these scientists have and do can have serious consequences for us all.  For instances, Marvin Minsky, known as the father of artificial intelligence and creator of artificial neural networks, as well as the co-founder of the AI lab at MIT sets all ethics aside in stating:
"Scientists shouldn't have ethical responsibility for their inventions, they should be able to do what they want. You shouldn't ask them to have the same values as other people," Minsky adamantly declares. Source
Minsky's quote was related to questions posed about who will have access to the immortality technology.  Minksy clearly responded like a child throwing a tantrum over a toy being removed. 

I get the strong feeling that scientists like Minsky are beginning to really reach for a God like status in so many areas of our culture.  These scientists are perhaps even psychopaths who have no conscience believing the sky's the limit and they can do whatever they please. Anyone who thinks it possible to upload a person's mind and personality through the Internet and down back into another body fails to recognize human consciousness and soul.  To these kind of scientists, human beings become nothing more then little things floating around in their petri dish to manipulate.

In another example of scientists run amok with their petri dishes in the lab, in an article Playing God - Scientists in Final Stage of Creating Man-made life, Back in 2007 it was reported Dr. Craig Ventor from Syntehetic Genomics, Inc. was nearing completion of the world's first free living artificial organism.  Ventor stated:
“It will be one of the bright milestones in human history, changing our conceptual view of life.” Said Venter.

Others have a less “bright” view of Venter’s work—they say it could be potentially dangerous. It has been suggested that this type of technology could turn out to be the scary side of “playing God”, since it invariably suggests the chance that dangerous organisms could be inadvertently (or purposefully) unleashed on a world unprepared to deal with the consequences. Because there is no precedence, scientists don’t know for sure what kind of negative impact is possible. Source
Human beings aren't computers with hard drives to salvage and exploit! These transhumanists and artificial intelligent scientists who believe we are nothing more than machines that record data in our hard drive brains, need to be exposed before it's too late. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Americans Overhwelmingly Support $37 Million Theft of Heiress Estate By Hospital Staff

I feel embarassed after learning an overwhelming majority of the American public's in support of the theft of millions of dollars of Huguette Clark's estate by her hospital staff, accountant and lawyer.  Huguette Clark was one of the wealthiest women in America prior to her passing at the age of 104 last year.  Clark had been clearly mentally incapacitated much of her life living in a small meager hospital room with dolls.  That this lady of great age lacked capacity to care for her estate was as clear as day to anyone.

It's clear from thousands of comments and votes from the AP article Copper Heiress' Huge Gifts Spotlighted in NY Court on Yahoo News, that the great majority of Americans are in support of the theft of Clark's estate by those who cut off her distant relatives from having access to her for many years.  The majority of these commenters believe Clark was free to do whatever she wished with her estate while accusing her family members of neglecting her welfare.  I was just amazed.

Here are a few of the items given away to the hospital nurse:
Her nurse was showered with almost $28 million in gifts, including three Manhattan apartments, two homes elsewhere and a $1.2 million Stradivarius violin. Her doctors' families received more than $3 million in presents. A night nurse received a salary plus money to cover her children's school tuition and to help buy two apartments.  Saying the recipients manipulated the reclusive multimillionaire into lavishing large gifts upon them during her long life, public administrator Ethel J. Griffin is trying to reclaim a whopping $37 million for the $400 million estate.
Besides seeking an order for return of those gifts, the administrator asked a court last month to investigate whether a hospital where Clark lived should have to give back a $6 million painting by French pre-Impressionist Edouard Manet and whether the prominent Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington should have to return $250,000.  Copper Heiress' Huge Gifts Spotlighted in NY Court Yahoo News

Also see  At 104, The Mysterious Heiress Huguette Clark is Alone Now (Blogger note: Calling All Vultures!!) -

In another similar case, an Alameda County judge in California befriended a 97 year old neighbor who lived across the street from him, then obtained her power of attorney. The judge proceeded to then evict the alleged friend from her own home, moving her into a hotel of all things where she lived for 10 years prior to her death in 2010.  After kicking her out of her own home, the judge proceeded to sell off her estate.   Judge Paul Seeman has since been charged and was observed smirking to reporters after being heckled by Occupy Activities he ruled over in another case. - Occupy Activists Heckle Judge in Elder-Theft Case -

Prior to his death and throughout many years, Michael Jackson's family members also complained of their being cut off from Michael.  This is what happens to wealthy people sometimes, that they become isolated and manipulated by con artists and schemers that includes their employees.

It's very clear Huguette Clark was isolated, extremely old and dependent on her hospital staff, lawyer and accountant.   All of these employees were entitled to a wage and bonus, not to a large portion of an estate, which amounted to their claim of $37,000,0000 in gifts.  No one in their right mind would give away such an enormous sum to their employees.  It's obvious the New York Court will rule in favor of ordering the alleged gifts returned to the estate.

I work with trust attorneys who share stories of what insane family bickering goes on after their relatives pass. People act like vicious animals fighting over their dead relatives' money.

Huguette Clark Estates Goes After $44 Million In Gifts Given By Late Heiress - New York Observer.

Copper Heiress' Huge Gifts Spotlighted in NY Court Yahoo News

At 104, The Mysterious Heiress Huguette Clark is Alone Now (Blogger note: Calling All Vultures!!) - MSNBC

Friday, June 15, 2012

Is This A Sign The Fall of Man And Civilization Has Arrived?

WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS BELOW.  A new terrifying photo has emerged from the Miami naked cannibal incident that speaks loudly of the utter depravity of mankind as it is today.  Many ask that with all our technology, food distribution and social support systems, how could this horror possibly happen?  

My hope is that visitors will really think about the significance of a homeless man's recent exposure to a cannibal as he peacefully slept in the Florida sun one day and what it really means for all of us.  This is a likely sign of the fall of mankind and civilization upon us.    

Ronald Poppo was a person without shelter or protection who had the misfortune of having his face half eaten, including an eye, as he napped on a sidewalk one sunny day in Miami Florida.  Poppo's face was bitten off, not by a stray hungry bull dog or vicious animal, but by another man who was completely naked lying next to him.

A demon possessed completely naked athletic looking male lay beside Poppo having affixed himself like a parasite chewing on his flesh for 20 minutes.  A complete mindless zombie, Rudy Eugene's autopsy didn't show he had ingested any flesh, that this depraved act had nothing to do with hunger whatsoever.

The sad part of this story is how former classmates of the cannibal have come to his rescue to "save face" so to speak not caring a thing about his victim, only about restoring the cannibal's own humanity.

Classmate Victoria Forte said: 'We are going to do our part as his friends to not let him go down like this.  'The Rudy we know was a nice gentleman with a warm smile and funny. He’s not like that at all.- Crazed 'Druggie' Chewed on Homeless Man's Face for 20 mins - The Sun.
A gentleman?  If this is the new standard for gentlemanism, being far below that of OJ Simpson, I think women like Victoria Forte are proving their standards are slipping a bit.

Alleged "gentleman", according to witness Victoria Forte, lies with his victim.  Ms. Forte had no words of support for the victim.

I think when someone commits such a heinous act that liberal minds rationalize over, the fact they have nothing to say in support of the victim in the dispute speaks volumes.  It's not only what you say, but what you don't say that has an impact.  Here's this poor homeless man without a face and Ms. Forte, the former classmate of the cannibal, has no words of support for recovery for.  It shows a lack of caring or thinking about the reality of the situation.  The normal thing to do would not be to go to the media in support of the sadistic man, but to make a statement in support of the victim.  Period!

The works of an alleged gentleman.  Without soul or conscience former friends of cannibal come to his ego's rescue postmortem without a word of support for his victim.

Excusing this evil rather than facing the fact the man had a REAL PROBLEM is something common in our culture.  The former classmate's seeking to save face of a sadistic man's ego who sacrificed another's face in his having gained media notoriety is pure insanity.

Miami Cannibal Attack Emerges- The Sun UK

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

YouTuber Finds Holographic Images of Life in Orion Nebula

I thought I'd pass along an interesting perspective from a YouTuber whose come up with a system to extrapolate life forms appearing in the Orion Nebula he claims can't be done in other nebulas because it's so unique.  In his videos he calls The Orion Nebula Templates of Creation,  5T4RSCREAM233 is dissecting an original unaltered photo of Orion  by coming up with cosmic arms, dragons, avatars and birds.  He basically views the nebula as a plethora of hidden holograms that need to be uncovered.
"This video series explores an extraordinary finding in the Orion Nebula. It is filled with representations of life all over it. I show you many examples of one-click proof bringing out highly detailed representations of life here on earth and possibly other places. I have not been able to duplicate these findings in other nebulae yet. Speculation and thoughts cause me to ask if this area is holding some kind of blueprints to life here on Earth whether they be physical or if they be part of the templates from a holographic universe perspective, this merits research." - 5T4RSCREAM233

Interesting, but the fact is any artist can pull some earth bound object from multiple dimensions of color and light.  It's when he begins showing bone structure and anatomy in a type of x-ray after he claims he's simply peeled off a membrane that it gets to be a little spooky.

More discoveries in the nebula.

Here's an interesting video based on the book the The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.  The summary of the book on Amazon is as follows:
"Today nearly everyone is familiar with holograms, three-dimensional images projected into space with the aid of a laser. Now, two of the world's most eminent thinkers -- University of London physicists David Bohm, a former protege of Einstein's and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists, and Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, one of the architects of our modern understanding of the brain -- believe that the universe itself may be a giant hologram, quite literally a kind of image or construct created, at least in part, by the human mind. This remarkable new way of looking at the universe explains now only many of the unsolved puzzles of physics, but also such mysterious occurrences as telepathy, out-of-body and near death experiences, "lucid" dreams, and even religious and mystical experiences such as feelings of cosmic unity and miraculous healings." (Blogger's note: Not the human mind, that's ridiculous, it has to be the mind of a superior being)

What I see is another industry emerging here.

The Holographic Universe - Is Our 3D World Just an Illusion? -

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rand Paul Proves Politics A Farce, Supporters Naive Fools

After the Rand Paul political shift took place a few days ago, his coming out as a Romney supporter didn't at all surprise me.  It should be as clear as day to anyone who thinks for themselves that most all politicians of this day and age have been corrupted by money and power.  It seems even good men in politics rely on their naive supporters in order to reach a level where they intend on ultimately being accepted into the power circle of corrupt government insiders.

The Pauls shock their supporters teaching that American politics usurps principles and ethics.

It appears Rand Paul's sold out his father's life long work defending the U.S. Constitution in order to protect his future as well as the 61 relatives Ron Paul's status helped obtain government jobs.  No one knows yet what went on behind the scenes but it's safe to say the Pauls felt their future was being threatened in some way they had to take drastic action to save face with the powers at be.
"If supporters knew that their participation in elevating these men and women into positions of power in government is just a stepping stone for these cons to enter into a circle of the corrupt and power drunk on the world stage, they'd abandon the political process.  Such is why these politicians rely on playing their supporters like a piano while secretly viewing them as naive ignorant fools.  People need to take back their self esteem from this politician scam in reclaiming their personal integrity by abandoning this failed political process entirely."  - Cheryl Meril, Blogger
The rule of thumb I use is people who rely on politics as their religion in life can't be trusted and that includes Ron and Rand Paul.  For instance, Ron Paul claims to be against fraud corporate wars, yet voted in favor of the Afgan war! This rule of thumb also applies to those in religious and other organizations that rely on politics in any form.  People who see the world through bully politics are on the level of desperate animals trying to survive in a false reality. These kind of people twist reality using politics often at the expense of others' well being and hard work.

Want to see for yourselves how power corrupts?  Billionaire Ted Turner's so out of touch with reality he believes his great wealth enables him to determine the fate of the world's population.  Watch this confrontation outing of his depopulation views by Luke Rudkowski at We Are Change:

Ted Turner's laughs while admitting to his depopulation plans to reduce the human population through eugenics.

I've always hated politics finding it childish.  I've spent so much time in life meditating in nature, sitting on ocean cliffs communing with the spirit of God.  I've always known these politicians are a farce and a waste of time.  I thought from the get go putting one's hope in Ron Paul for the future of America was a losing proposition, he is far too weak and vulnerable a person to defeat the great evil up ahead.  Paul was destined to sacrifice himself more for his son and family, all 61 relatives he employs in government. It's called Nepotism.
"Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives regardless of merit.  The word nepotism is from the Latin word nepos, nepotis (m. "nephew"), from which modern Romanian nepot and Italian nipote, "nephew" or "grandchild" are also descended." -

Historian Webster Tarpley saw the Ron and Rand Paul farce back near the beginning of the year. Alex Jones had a hard time digesting the truth a few weeks ago prior to the fiasco's emergence.

Instead of voting for a compromised politician thinking it will help your life, try praying to almighty God for guidance and don't think you can control God's response in the process. This world is passing but eternity's forever.  I can confirm there really is a Satan, Lucifer, heaven and hell. The greatest trick the devil uses is to make people believe he doesn't exist and neither heaven or hell.  I can confirm it does, that there is life beyond death and this childish political stuff is a ridiculous farce and trap people fall into on earth.  People who remain in this political based paradigm are often so childish taking everything at face value.  Many people don't want to do their research believing whatever propaganda is fed to them.

It's all such a waste of time to put any hope in the U.S. political process.  The politicians are bought and paid for, not by the American people, but by the corporations and International banking interests who own our political system.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eerie Tombstones Appear After Windstorm on Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Imagine enjoying a morning walk on the beach coming across the most unexpected things imaginable, that of tombstones!  That's what happened to surfers in San Francisco who came across an eerie find.  Apparently windstorms eroded the sand to the point of uncovering the dead's Century old tombstones that were left behind after the city moved bodies out of the city for anticipated population growth.

The tombstones became visible this week, including bits and pieces of marble and granite that once marked the final resting places of citizens long dead.
One of them is the nearly intact marble tombstone of Delia Presby Oliver, who died at the age of 26 on Apr. 9, 1890.  - Tombstones From Long Ago Surfacing on S.F. Beach -
I guess they never anticipated the headstones turning up again but I think they should have taken better care to perhaps grind them up prior to using them as landfill for the shore.

Rest in peace Delia.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Senator Barbara Boxer Exposed By Amatuer Journalists

I personally consider Senator Barbara Boxer exposed and defeated by the following video showing Mike Dice in training with Luke Rudowski from We Are Change.  As they wait for Senator Boxer to appear from a meeting at some government property, Dice is briefed on how to approach and question her.  This video demonstrates how your every day kind of people can topple these corrupt politicians by simply confronting them. 

Senator Barbara Boxer lies to security personnel over being questioned on public property over her knowledge of the Bilderberg group.

Politicians at work preaching on the floor, Barbara Boxer protests people sleeping in their offices .. . .yawn. Californians sure get a bang for their buck with this Senator.  Not!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fruits of Hollywood Horror Flicks Come Back To Haunt It

You will know them by their fruits, so says the Bible.  In this case, Hollywood's horror film industry's fruits are becoming cyrstal clear  with the latest news of cannibal serial killer Luka Magnotta whose being investigated being linked to a severed head, hands and feet found beneath the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.  (Magnotta picture at left from 2007).

An apparent fan of blood and gore special effects guru Rick Lazzarini's Fred Krueger movies, Luka Magnotta did snuff films showing the gruesome ice pick murder and dismemberment and eating of victim Jun Lin prior to being apprehended in Berlin Germany on Monday. Carrying the murder in Canada one step further, Magnotta sent Lin's body parts to schools in Vancouver.  
"Magnotta was nicked in a Berlin internet cafe on Monday over the filmed cannibal killing of the student on May 25.

A ten-minute movie called 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick was posted on the net a day later showing Lin being hacked to death with an ice pick, dismembered, sexually abused and eaten — allegedly at Magnotta’s flat in Montreal." - "Cannibal Luka Magnotta's Possible Link to LA Murder is Investigated" - The Sun UK
It's sad to think the work of special effects artists in Hollywood actually influence real blood and gore as an outcome.   As we observe more evidence of a growing zombie cult of those consuming human body parts like in the movie The Living Dead, perhaps we have Hollywood horror film makers to thank.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

U.S. Feds Plan For Mass American Death, Prepares For Its Own Survival in Fallout Shelters

One day Americans will wake up to the fact their own government's been hijacked by a foreign power through traitorous politicians planning for mass death of its U.S. citizens.

Alex Jones reveals the U.S. Federal Government spends more than all other countries combined on its own fall out shelters excluding U.S. civilians.

In retrospect, Switzerland provides shelters for all its citizens and two weeks of food and water.  Switzerland demands all its citizens are armed.  The U.S. government is clearly planning on mass American deaths, not doing anything to prepare for its own citizens survival.  

Dr. Theresa who survived exposure to Chernobyl talks about Fukushima fallout and how the U.S. gov't isn't doing anything to come to the aid of its citizens.

The writing's on the wall for all to see.  It's not just what they do, it's what they don't do you have to denote.  For instance, they could care less about monitoring radiation in our food from Fukushima.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ultrasound of Man's Tumor Reveals Demonic Entity Staring Back in Agony

Well this is like something out of a horror flick about a Canadian researcher who was looking at an ultrasound of a man's tumored testicles only to find a man's face staring back at him.  For the spiritually attuned, we know exactly what this is, a demon from hell causing great pain and torment to its victim.

As can be expected, the doctors just laughed it off as a coincidence after what had first come to mind of similar incidents of Virgin Mary toast, the Face on Mars, etc.  If you look closely at this image, there's little left to the imagination since there's distinct proportional features resembling a man's face including an eye and pupil.  From my perspective, it's really a demon manifesting itself as the source of the man's pain but too many people are frightened to even consider this a possibility.
"It was almost like art coming out of this patient's testicles," said Dr. Naji Touma, an assistant professor of urology at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont. "It was an amusing finding." Here's Looking At You: Doctors Find Face In Testicle Ultrasound -

Demonic entities also manifested themselves in the 9/11 smoke clouds, as clear as day.

Little is left to the imagination of demonic manifestations on 9/11's hell fire. 

Another demonic entity manifests in the smoke of 9/11 fires.

Delemonte is the word in small font center.

Some really evil looking thing manifesting itself.

 The NY Times even did a story on the devil face phenomena.

Many times images appear in clouds as well with distinct human facial features.

What appears to be an ancient roman god manifests in the clouds to a man's utter shock. Our human ancestors may have seen similar things considering these as signs from the heavens.
As the cameraman pans across his backyard the huge face (1min 45sec) can be seen forming a human-like side-profile with a nose, mouth, eyes and a beard all clearly discernible.  The distinctive features sent the internet into a buzz and some users have even spotted other weird goings-on in the clip, including what appears to be a pig flying (3 secs in).- Freaky Video
People can't assume they understand everything about the world we occupy that's been here millions of years.  There are other dimensions these evil things reside in and they feed off humanity like parasites.  Nuff said, a bit too freaky a topic for most visitors I'm sure. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

I've Reported My Landlady & Criminal Network to the FBI

I'd like to document with the public that I've filed a report with the FBI in San Francisco related to the events the past few years with complete strangers from the Internet and of recent related to the theft of $6,000 cash hidden in my apartment. See my post These Satanists Are Slowly Killing Me Off - March 5, 2012 

Only the landlady, 71, could have carried out such a theft since she's the only one with the key. My door lock's unpickable and there was no break-in. The landlady's an astrologer who did my birth chart when I moved in back in 2003. I felt pressured to obtain her services at $125 and the lady delivered instead two full hour audio tapes of psychic interpretations of my chart.

The landlady is delusional in that she believes she knows me from having done my astrology chart, that she thinks she knows my weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  Based on this secret knowledge she believes to have, she likely tried to envision the ideal place where I hid the money.  The fact I once waved my Notary Public bike flag in satire saying "I surrender" as a joke a while back while I was in the garage, made the logical place to look of where I placed the flag near the money in my apartment.  The flag must have caught the landlady's attention in how she must have seen the envelope sticking out a bit from the back of my bookcase.

These nutcases apparently think they can learn the secrets of your life from doing your astrology chart!  Of course this isn't true, but the fact they believe they have secret knowledge of someone apparently triggers their criminal mindset.  This is why I had concern astrologer Edmond Wollmann was observed asking for my exact time of birth a while back on his forum, so he could learn secrets he believed he could use to manipulate me even further.

The latest theft on the property was last Friday morning or Thursday night of my bicycle helmet.  I believe the landlady removed a used helmet from my basket as a threat of my life.  Without a helmet, I'm without protection and the removal of this item was meant as a ritualistic sign given of impending danger. I've left that helmet unsecured everywhere for many months and it was so banged up and worn I was about to throw it away anyway.  No one wanted that 1.5 year old helmet, not even homeless people on the streets!  It was removed as a threat of some sort.

I believe the landlady and some male companion who's also involved plan on coming into my apartment and stealing my food and property when the economic collapses takes place in the next few months.  I also believe the landlady plans on locking me out of my apartment since there will be lawlessness of a breakdown of society.  The building is owned by famous people from Russia who arranged to bring Gorbachev over to visit San Francisco in the 1990's.

I've learned the landlady is an evil vicious person at 1245 California Street. Other tenants who I've had casual conversations with state the landlady's been noted walking in on elderly tenants without knocking. The few tenants I've spoken with all share the same pattern of damaged property caused by the landlady and/or lack of supervision of maintenance people that include extreme tactics of fear and intimidation.  The landlady has said many times to me she doesn't like people talking to each other in the building and for everyone to keep to themselves.  Now I know why.

This landlady came into my apartment after I forewarned her not to in order to ultimately steal my security cash I had withdrawn from my IRA in case of a bank freeze earlier last year.  I had a terrifying nightmare forewarning me of this event but let down my guard thinking myself silly for getting a security alarm system.

I now believe this landlady has other plans up ahead for me because she's apparently a sociopath who must always win.  This I learned according to an expert on sociopaths, an author who I shared my and others' experience with.  So if anything ever happens to me this landlady should be one of the prime suspects.

These Satanists Are Slowly Killing Me Off - March 5, 2012 post

Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Evidence Amelia Earhart's Radio Calls Went Ignored As Hoax

It's sad to think it was likely the confusing nature of hoaxer activity that caused the recipients of Amelia Earhart's final SOS radio transmissions to be ignored as bogus.  On the 75th Year Anniversary since her last flight, there's new evidence from a study purporting Earhart's plane signal was detected being on land for a few days prior to it likely being taken out to sea from the rise of tide on a tiny remote island of Nikumaroro. Credible Amelia Earhart Calls Were Ignored - Discovery News via
"Dozens of previously dismissed radio signals were actually credible transmissions from Amelia Earhart, according to a new study of the alleged post-loss signals from Earhart's plane. The transmissions started riding the air waves just hours after Earhart sent her last in-flight message.
The study, presented on Friday at a three day conference by researchers of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), sheds new light on what may have happened to the legendary aviator 75 years ago. The researchers plan to start a high-tech underwater search for pieces of her aircraft next July.
'Amelia Earhart did not simply vanish on July 2, 1937. Radio distress calls believed to have been sent from the missing plane dominated the headlines and drove much of the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy search,' Ric Gillespie, executive director of TIGHAR, told Discovery News." - Credible Amelia Earhart Calls Were Ignored - Discovery News via
The likely scenario that is also supported with some evidence is that Earhart and her co-pilot Fred Noonan survived a bit on a campsite on Nikumaroro Island, known then as Gardner Island, only to succumb to the elements to ultimately be eaten dead or alive by the world's largest crabs, coconut crabs, the island's now famous for. The skeletal remains were reported to have been discovered of a white woman of European decent back in 1940 on the island.
"Partial skeletal bones were found in an earlier expedition in 1940. The coconut crabs that inhabit the island carried the remainder away. The bones found in the 1940 British exhibition have since been lost." Amelia Earhart Died on Nikumaroro Island, Famous for Its Huge Coconut Crabs - Yahoo News.  
I recently uploaded my Amelia Tribute Music Video of a song I composed Do You Read Me featuring Sky Chari Grealis on flute.  Near the end of the song I hinted Earhart survived though never admitting she came back down to earth whatsoever, because the reality is she's in heaven. That's right, Amelia Earhart's in heaven as one of the most sought after lost people the world's ever known.  

It's my belief from my research a few years ago that they will never find the Electra plane due to the Japanese location of it in order to reverse engineer and implement into their WWII fleet.  Besides the fact the Japanese would have been looking for that state-of-the-art Electra plane, there was also an eyewitness high ranking official documented saying he came across classified Japanese Electra design plans they accidentally provided him in error years after the Earhart disappearance.

It's fascinating to realize how Earhart's last days were likely spent considering all the survivalist programs there have been the past few years. It must have been horrible that the two likely died of dehydration and exhaustion from the excessive 100 degree in shade temperatures. Had those hoaxers not done what they did, Earhart might very well likely have been found in time.

Amelia Earhart Died on Nikumaroro Island, Famous for Its Huge Coconut Crabs - Yahoo News.

Credible Amelia Earhart Calls Were Ignored - Discovery News via

My Music Tribute Video to Amelia Earhart - 75th Anniversary After Disappearance Flight - posted May 28, 2012