Saturday, June 23, 2012

BOMBSHELL - New DVD Exposes Obama's REAL Father Was Communist and His Mother White Trash

The fruits of Obama's progress of destroying America's capitalist system are becoming evident along with the newly revealed fact of who his REAL father is.  After two years of research,  film maker Joel Gilbert pieced together evidence after noting how excited and passionate Obama became when giving speeches over class struggles.  The outcome of painstaking research is a new film released on DVD entitled Dreams From My Real* Father.

For those unaware, terrorist leader Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground who was convicted of bombing the U.S. Capitol admitted to writing Obama's biography. See video Bill Ayers: "I Wrote Dreams From My Father".   Ayers was pardoned for his terrorist bombing by President Clinton in 1992. 

This is the REAL story on the offspring communist seed that's planted itself in the White House.  

The real story behind Obama and his fraud on the American public.   

In a 1980's documentary, a FBI witness describes terrorist Bill Ayer's communist plans to send Americans to Reeducation camps and to ultimately kill off  25 million people.

Obama sure wasn't about Motown, but about destroying the infrastructure of what enabled Motown to become popular in America through a free market Capitalist system.  

This Obama is so delusional, he thinks of himself as a king when the facts of his origins are becoming ever so clear that he's a fraud, a criminal and a very dangerous wanna-be dictator.   Americans are so brainwashed and willfully ignorant to fall for this idiot's farce!  We'll all pay a very high price for enabling this fraud criminal to get away with what he has.  The love of fame and celebrity is what numbs and prevents many Americans from acknowledging they've got an enemy in the White House whose preparing to allow all hell to break lose on American soil.

U.S. Military on U.S. soil preparing for war with its own people.

I never voted for Obama. I didn't vote for either trash candidate offered in the last election.  I've since repented over voting for the NAFTA sell outs Clinton and Gore.  These are all a bunch of crooks and enemies of America posing as politicians conning Americans.  They work on behalf of foreign world body banking interests and nothing more.  They plan on killing off millions of Americans!

Official Site: Dreams From My Real Father