Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fruits of Hollywood Horror Flicks Come Back To Haunt It

You will know them by their fruits, so says the Bible.  In this case, Hollywood's horror film industry's fruits are becoming cyrstal clear  with the latest news of cannibal serial killer Luka Magnotta whose being investigated being linked to a severed head, hands and feet found beneath the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.  (Magnotta picture at left from 2007).

An apparent fan of blood and gore special effects guru Rick Lazzarini's Fred Krueger movies, Luka Magnotta did snuff films showing the gruesome ice pick murder and dismemberment and eating of victim Jun Lin prior to being apprehended in Berlin Germany on Monday. Carrying the murder in Canada one step further, Magnotta sent Lin's body parts to schools in Vancouver.  
"Magnotta was nicked in a Berlin internet cafe on Monday over the filmed cannibal killing of the student on May 25.

A ten-minute movie called 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick was posted on the net a day later showing Lin being hacked to death with an ice pick, dismembered, sexually abused and eaten — allegedly at Magnotta’s flat in Montreal." - "Cannibal Luka Magnotta's Possible Link to LA Murder is Investigated" - The Sun UK
It's sad to think the work of special effects artists in Hollywood actually influence real blood and gore as an outcome.   As we observe more evidence of a growing zombie cult of those consuming human body parts like in the movie The Living Dead, perhaps we have Hollywood horror film makers to thank.