Monday, June 4, 2012

I've Reported My Landlady & Criminal Network to the FBI

I'd like to document with the public that I've filed a report with the FBI in San Francisco related to the events the past few years with complete strangers from the Internet and of recent related to the theft of $6,000 cash hidden in my apartment. See my post These Satanists Are Slowly Killing Me Off - March 5, 2012 

Only the landlady, 71, could have carried out such a theft since she's the only one with the key. My door lock's unpickable and there was no break-in. The landlady's an astrologer who did my birth chart when I moved in back in 2003. I felt pressured to obtain her services at $125 and the lady delivered instead two full hour audio tapes of psychic interpretations of my chart.

The landlady is delusional in that she believes she knows me from having done my astrology chart, that she thinks she knows my weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  Based on this secret knowledge she believes to have, she likely tried to envision the ideal place where I hid the money.  The fact I once waved my Notary Public bike flag in satire saying "I surrender" as a joke a while back while I was in the garage, made the logical place to look of where I placed the flag near the money in my apartment.  The flag must have caught the landlady's attention in how she must have seen the envelope sticking out a bit from the back of my bookcase.

These nutcases apparently think they can learn the secrets of your life from doing your astrology chart!  Of course this isn't true, but the fact they believe they have secret knowledge of someone apparently triggers their criminal mindset.  This is why I had concern astrologer Edmond Wollmann was observed asking for my exact time of birth a while back on his forum, so he could learn secrets he believed he could use to manipulate me even further.

The latest theft on the property was last Friday morning or Thursday night of my bicycle helmet.  I believe the landlady removed a used helmet from my basket as a threat of my life.  Without a helmet, I'm without protection and the removal of this item was meant as a ritualistic sign given of impending danger. I've left that helmet unsecured everywhere for many months and it was so banged up and worn I was about to throw it away anyway.  No one wanted that 1.5 year old helmet, not even homeless people on the streets!  It was removed as a threat of some sort.

I believe the landlady and some male companion who's also involved plan on coming into my apartment and stealing my food and property when the economic collapses takes place in the next few months.  I also believe the landlady plans on locking me out of my apartment since there will be lawlessness of a breakdown of society.  The building is owned by famous people from Russia who arranged to bring Gorbachev over to visit San Francisco in the 1990's.

I've learned the landlady is an evil vicious person at 1245 California Street. Other tenants who I've had casual conversations with state the landlady's been noted walking in on elderly tenants without knocking. The few tenants I've spoken with all share the same pattern of damaged property caused by the landlady and/or lack of supervision of maintenance people that include extreme tactics of fear and intimidation.  The landlady has said many times to me she doesn't like people talking to each other in the building and for everyone to keep to themselves.  Now I know why.

This landlady came into my apartment after I forewarned her not to in order to ultimately steal my security cash I had withdrawn from my IRA in case of a bank freeze earlier last year.  I had a terrifying nightmare forewarning me of this event but let down my guard thinking myself silly for getting a security alarm system.

I now believe this landlady has other plans up ahead for me because she's apparently a sociopath who must always win.  This I learned according to an expert on sociopaths, an author who I shared my and others' experience with.  So if anything ever happens to me this landlady should be one of the prime suspects.

These Satanists Are Slowly Killing Me Off - March 5, 2012 post