Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Breaking Free Of The Matrix With God As My Witness

I've been trying hard to deprogram my mind from the matrix over the past few years that hasn't been easy. For instance, I stopped watching television in 2007 and only occasionally watch when I'm working out at the gym.  I've since noticed there's always some evil force trying to hijack me for it's own purpose in order to generate income for itself.

Over the years fake friends have come in all forms including landlady's who ended up robbing me of thousands of dollars to those who are part of the network distributor companies wanting my time and full commitment as if it's a marriage.  I've since learned many of these people are desperate, brutal and exist on the level of animals. 

The reason I'm not like many of these people I've described is I surrendered my life a long time ago. Way back in the mid 1980's is when my earthbound life here really ended and ever since that time the vultures, the criminals and the like have been trying  to use me for their ego purposes and to program me like their robot to do exactly as they please.  When I can't be programmed to do what they expect me to do, they either backstabb or try to do damage to me one way or another.

God As My Witness

For those who have messed with me over the years, they were likely unaware there was a presence experiencing them through my eyes and God witnessed what they did.  God has always been there witnessing it all, the perjury, the lies and entrapment all because I didn't follow a fabricated script or outcome.  God witnessed it all through me and my soul's safe and protected forever no matter what happens in the physical world.  And no, God is not some former man or preacher I met long ago.

Most everyone's been tainted in some way by the matrix of this world that's not of our own being, but that of an infrastructure designed to imprison all of us one way or another.  For those who surrender their lives, God takes over as a witness to what these evil possessed people are plotting and planning.  Hence the term "with God as my witness" has always rung true throughout history.

I believe I was meant to become a Notary Public because I've learned I'm one of the few who actually gives the oath for Jurat notarizations that require sworn statements.  Clients and borrowers at loan signings have told me many times, though other notaries have notarized the same type of documents before, they've never taken the oath ever in their lives.  I once even had an attorney complain to me of my giving her the oath!   I've also witnessed long time notaries who didn't take my oath.  The oath requires a person swear in the name of God whether or not the statement in the document is true "Do you solemnly swear. . . .so help you God?"

One of the tricks of the trade matrix people use is to do things underhandedly in an attempt to drive their targeted victim crazy. Keep that in mind, if you ever notice someone's trying to drive you nuts there's likely a hidden agenda behind it they plan on benefiting from one way or another.   If you always remember God's your witness to these people's activities, you'll feel safe and protected no matter what they do.