Monday, July 30, 2012

Get Rid Of That Ole Casket, Become a Diamond!

The term a diamond is forever has taken on a new meaning with the arrival of the latest trendy cremation creations from a company LifeGem.  Death doesn't have to be so tragic all the time, not when there are plenty of people who depart our world peacefully after living a long contributory life. It may seem a little odd to some but there are many people who would be happy to pay $3,000 to have their loved one's remains turned into a quarter caret diamond.  What better way to represent a life well lived?
"Creating the diamond requires sending 1 cup of cremains to LifeGem in Illinois, which then takes up to a year to heat and pressurize them into a diamond. The gems come in blue, yellow or clear, and can be worn or propped on a mantle. Interest has steadily grown since the company's founding a decade ago." - Cremation: Ashes to Diamonds or Moon Dust -
I was surprised to learn that far less people are attending formal funerals today.  According to the General Social Survey, 22% of Americans never attend religious services, up from 13% in 1990.  For instance, the last funeral I attended was back in the 1960's.  I don't plan on attending any miserable depressing ceremony in the future either.
"'People feel their golf clubs, yacht clubs or similar organizations are their new church replacements for holding services,' Hast said. 'People are going far more toward a celebration of life instead of the ceremonial aspects involving the body, like a funeral with a casket.'"  Cremation: Ashes to Diamonds or Moon Dust -
Michael Jackson's hair turned into LifeGem Diamonds

I remember being so shocked back in 1981 that my boss Marty at Clarion Corporation would keep his wife's remains in a small urn behind her photo in his office. I thought it was mighty creepy to go into his office knowing his wife's remains were there.

I believe people having to face their departure would find great peace knowing they would not have to rot in some old casket to become a skeleton or be cremated and lost forever like dust.  Instead, they can be transformed into a diamond that their beloved could wear and pass along to other generations.

This kind of transformation of how we choose to leave earth, as rotting flesh in some old traditional casket where people can gawk at a headstone, or into some incredible diamond is a revolutionary concept.  The reason it's revolutionary is because there really is no death.  If you don't know this by now, you'll eventually find out.