Friday, July 20, 2012

Hollywood Satanists Bring Fantasy, Illusion Into Reality

I see the illuminati Satanists are accelerating merging movies with reality with the latest Dark Night Rises massacre.  Zombie movies such as Night of the Living Dead took years to come to fruition from the recent multiple face eating reports of zombie-like behavior.  See my post Fruits of Hollywood Horror Flicks Come Back To Haunt It.

A few years ago the psy-op that horror movie special effects creator Rick Latzarini partook in against me caused him to file a Motion to Quash of my subpoena demonstrating how the minds behind movies are attempting to influence reality and outcomes wanting complete anonymity.  See post Bombshell:  Rick Lazzarini of Character Shop Filed Motion to Quash His Identity for Malicious On-Line Activities

Back in the late 1990's I stopped going to movie theaters for several reasons including after someone tried to steal my purse.  I was at the Metreon in San Francisco when an apparent homeless person happened to catch the corner of my eye reaching for my purse at the back entrance near a fire escape door.  For all I knew he could have had a knife!  No, the movie wasn't called Purse Snatcher, but it sure felt like it that day.  After I reported the incident to the theater staff it was clear at that time the theaters didn't have enough security for the public.  In a movie theater anything could happen in the dark without witnesses.

After my experiences, the recent Dark Knight Rises massacre didn't at all surprise me.  People need to realize this isn't the same America of decades past.  Large public gathering places are subject to crazies looking to exploit security gaps.  Movie theaters are perhaps the last frontier the public felt somewhat safe over.  The fact is, there's no safety at movie theaters because people aren't searched or frisked prior to entry.  Even if they were frisked, people enter through unsuspected doorways such as the armed gunman in Aurora Colorado.

I look around every day at whose walking the streets of San Francisco and there are absolute raving maniacs in 1 out of 10 people on average.  I mean, real nut cases I observe each and every day that are just allowed to roam free without any supervision or oversight whatsoever.  The Night of the Living Dead films have been turning into reality lately in the news so now we're all trained to spot zombies wandering the streets.  

American culture is breaking down.  Everyone should be on their guard to avoid potentially dangerous situations especially where large crowds gather.

 Fruits of Hollywood Horror Flicks Come Back To Haunt It.
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