Saturday, August 4, 2012

Attention Eminem Fans - Heaven Has No Rooms Reserved For You!

Any art form throughout history most always reflects the times we're living in.  Somewhere down the line the music industry in the United States was overtaken by criminals and rap artists like Eminem who are now the top artists in the world.  The music industry merely reflects the reality the U.S. government has also been taken over by criminals. 
"Eminem recently set the record for the most Likes by a living person with 60.1 million, blowing past the competition and landing at #5 on the list of the top 10 Facebook pages." Eminem Beats Lady Gaga, Rihanna to 60 Million Facebook fans -

For those who have an appreciation of art in history as I do, it doesn't take much digging to see how far our culture has fallen into depravity and hell in view of Eminem and other rap artist's success.  From Mozart to Eminem?  Think about it, while jazz artists and many outstanding musicians across the country are suffering financially making a pittance, Eminem is racking in billions of dollars in his career being rewarded for his foul mouthed shit stinking propaganda empowering trashy low life men across the globe to be complete assholes towards women.

I've got a message for these depraved Eminem fans and those who listen to this kind of garbage that a fork's in the road up ahead you're about to face.  This so called music you've chosen for yourselves is going to be judged by God and you along with it.  Do you really think this stinking manure that comes out of Eminem's mouth instead of his anus as it should is worthy of God, Jesus Christ?  You inherently know Eminem's creations are of the devil Lucifer and yet you still choose to listen and honor this above God's greatness.  I'm here to tell you that you are going to be judged for honoring this material to ultimately be thrown into a lake of hell fire to burn in pain and torment forever.  There really is a heaven and hell and there's no room reservations available in heaven for Eminem fans, period!

Keep this in mind when continuing to listen to this sewage stinking crap that flows like lava out of the mouth of hell.  Don't say you weren't warned you little bastards! God gave us free will for a reason, it's up to you where your going, heaven or hell and listening to Emenim and the likes of him you'll undoubtedly thrown into hell.

The doors of heaven won't be opening for foolish Eminem fans like the one at left who felt peer pressure to follow alleged successful Lucifarian based men in the mafia run music industry.