Friday, August 10, 2012

Exposing the Illuminati in Hollywood Films - My Letter To Entertainment Attorney Joseph F. Hart Detailing Rick Lazzarini's Using My Life For His Horror Movie Project

**Updated on March 15, 2013 -- On October 30, 2012, I was hit on my eBike by a red light runner, Patrick Devine, who clipped my eBike's front tire at 30 mph sending the left side of my body crashing into his vehicle. Fortunately, I was attended to by the #1 rated trauma center group in the country to broken bones, a left leg femur broke in two places, a fractured clavicle, 6 fractured ribs and a brachial plexus injury to my left arm.  I spent two weeks at the hospital. Jesus Christ was also there looking over me because I became aware my spiritual eyes had been opened from the event disclosing to me Jesus is the true Messiah.  I've since become a reborn Chrisitan for real.

Today on March 15, 2013, I was forced to attend a debtor hearing in San Diego related to Edmond Wollmann's judgment he received, not from a cross complaint he claims he filed, but from a punitive judgment awarded him at a secret hearing  I was unaware of what was supposed to have been off calendar.  Two attorneys have told me there was no cross-complaint ever on the court ledger.  Mr wollman filed one near the end of the case that was too late. He continues to falsely claim he won a lawsuit against me.

Mr. Wollmann wants my parents' properties because he doesn't know right from wrong.  He doesn't understand how very unusual this matter is that I, in fact, have done nothing wrong of such magnitude to him and he didn't incur many legal fees because he was largely in pro se during much of the duration of his case I had dismissed in 2010..  It's not a crime to file a lawsuit and there was no cross complaint.  This is a judgment perpetrated by judges because there was no jury trial.  I didn't choose to have a jury trial so judges became dictatorial. 

**Updated On October 22, 2012 - I just learned the court in San Diego awarded Edmond Wollmann $100,000 in fake attorney fees in my 2009 lawsuit though he was largely in pro per getting free help from Judge Robert C. Longstreth. Criminals in the San Diego Superior Court System Award Edmond Wollmann $100,000 in Fake Lawyeres

**Updated on October 21, 2012.  See video below regarding the latest activities of a network of sociopaths aka Satanists in their ultimate goal of sacrificing my life to their god Satan**.  

This letter is my final summary of what took place back in 2007 that caused me to file a lawsuit in 2009 against Edmond Wollmann, an astrologer and building manager in San Diego county.  Some horror movie special effects guy, Rick Lazzarini (Nightmare on Elm Street, Predator, Alien, Freddy, etc.) who had an earlier conflict with Wollmann, took on his identity on the Internet and terrorized me with it.  Lazzarini then got away with it thanks to the help and legal clout of Joseph F. Hart in the entertainment Hollywood industry in Los Angeles.

I have since filed a complaint with the FBI over the outcome of my case and concerns over my safety of continual strange and unusual events taking place that seem to threaten my future.  I'm also winding down this blog.  I may occasionally post when I have relevant information about something of general interest but don't have the time to be posting each day.

New video of recent events uploaded 10/22/12:  A network of very evil sociopaths have plans on ultimately sacrificing my life to their god after they rob me of every last penny.  Judges, attorneys, Hollywood horror movie special effects man, astrologers involved.  Also see: Judge Robert C. Longstreth (San Diego Superior Court) Threat in Court Hearing Transcript -PDF
 My Letter to Entertainment Attorney Joseph F. Hart About His Hollywood Horror Movie Special Effects Client'...

I hope visitors have found at least one story that interested them I've posted over the past few years.  Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you found it helpful in some way.  I believe my case demonstrates a certain element of the Illuminati in Hollywood and how it operates behind the scenes in an attempt to bring its horror on the silver screen to real life.

Best wishes,

/s/ Cheryl Meril - August 10, 2012

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