Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Sure Way To Break A Friend's Addiction to Pop Music & Entertainment Industry

If you want to help someone who wants to break free of their addiction to pop music, this video will help achieve that goal. If you invite them to sit and watch this Ari Ja Danny Finnish 1980's MTV video for about 60 minutes there's a strong likelihood the person will be cured. This video shows the devastation pop music's had on culture and how everyone's wanted to join in on the fun instead of getting necessary things taken care of related to learning about Jesus. The singer in the video's been long dead at 43.

A hint of pre-American Idol Performances

The woman in this video's dead now after drinking herself to death having contracted pneumonia. The story goes Armi had an affair with the singer in this video who was a married man with children. Just listen to what Danny's promising her in the song, something only Jesus Christ can do.  Armi somehow believed the song represented Danny's love for her but  it was all an illusion.  
Armi Anja Orvokki Aavikko (September 1, 1958, Helsinki – January 2, 2002,) was a Finnish beauty queen and singer.She was chosen as Miss Finland in 1977 and was best known for her duets with singer Danny.[1] She died on January 2, 2002 as a result of pneumonia. Aavikko achieved some posthumous fame in 2006 when the 1978 music video "I Wanna Love You Tender" featuring herself and Danny became an Internet phenomenon.[2]
As part of her pageant contract, she was to go on tour with singer Danny. Danny was an older married man with children, but the two fell in love. Armi enjoyed touring abroad, where they could be open about their relationship. Back home in Finland, Armi claimed to have a "secret boyfriend", explaining why she seemed so happy and in love. The relationship, both private and professional, went on for fifteen years. Danny kept promising Armi that he'd leave his wife as soon as the kids were old enough. But he never did and the relationship finally ended in Armi's ultimatum "her or me". And you know who didn't win.
By the 1990's Armi was an alcoholic. Professionally she was doing fine, entertaining on cruise ships on the Baltic ocean. But in private she was mourning not only losing her place as Danny's partner and her sister's suicide on Christmas 1992. Armi became hooked on booze and sedatives. She spent her nights at local pubs and after final call the party usually continued at Armi's. In the mornings she'd find things missing from her apartment that the guests has stolen.
The last seven years of her life, Armi was on long term sick leave due to alcoholism and mental illness. She suffered mainly from depression but also from occasional psychosis. During one such episode, she had ripped her gold albums off the walls and broken them into pieces. She also threw her suitcase out the window, screaming that it was the entertainment industry's fault her life was a mess. -Forum
Just because someone sings a song about something doesn't make it true or relevant at all. The only thing we can really trust is God's Word and Jesus Christ.  His Word can be trusted as 100% true.

So Jesus said again, “I tell you the truth, I am the door for the sheep. All the people who came before me were thieves and robbers. The sheep did not listen to them. I am the door, and the person who enters through me will be saved and will be able to come in and go out and find pasture. 10 A thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I came to give life—life in all its fullness. John 10:7-10