Sunday, October 20, 2013

God's Intensity's Growing In My Life - Earthquake Coming to San Francisco? Comet ISON Infuence?

The degree of intensity with which God has been calling me back to His Word, faith and prayer has been so great I can only come to the conclusion something big's about to happen.  Today I've been called to fast, something not easy for me because I love food.  I love God more however and obey Him so I won't have anything to eat until 10:30 this evening after 24 hours which is really painless.  I actually need to prepare for a 3 day fast.

I've been getting strong impressions of some big event coming, one in which I will likely not survive so God's clearly been preparing me to enter heaven.  It's been 100% confirmed I'm going to heaven by the way and God has been confirming this repeatedly preparing me.  Many people have questioned my salvation over the years but I can say without a doubt I'm saved thanks to Jesus Christ alone, not due to anything I ever did at all.  I was just an average sinner, nothing special about me whatsoever.  All glory belongs to God through his Son Jesus Christ.

The next big event will be related to Comet ISON's arrival in our solar system over the next few weeks through December.  Late November will bring a lot of meteorite activity from it's tail passing by earth. 

I came across this video today and others related to a huge destructive earthquake to hit the SF Bay area.  This followed a Prophet of God's video, Dr. Owuor's in September, 2013.

September, 2013 Prophecy of Huge Earthquake in the U.S. by Prophet Dr. Owuor

Some thoughts I've had over the past few days have been as follows:
"San Francisco's always been a city of destruction and rebirth that's repeated itself numerous times related to earthquakes and subsequent fires. It will surely happen again, this is a city opposed to God being very strong and successful in dark times. People have a lot of pride here." 
"In two months it will be the 50th Anniversary of the Baldwin Hills Dam break of 1963. God saved our neighborhood from death, we all could have drowned a horrendous terrifying death in the middle of the night had the dam broke without warning. Instead, the Lord protected our lives by alerting us 2 hours prior to the break thanks to the watchfulness of a deaf man who spotted a crack in the dam in time." 
"I'm glad I missed the 1989 San Francisco quake, I had just visited in May a few months prior too, a near miss!"

I can actually see our house being consumed in this video from 1963, it's the one with the large round tree in front of it near the very start of the silent flood section of the film.  

I urge everyone to consider their eternal life's on the line, to accept Jesus as their savior and surrender their lives to Him and get water baptized. Repent of sin, turn back to God if you're already a Christian though backslidden.