Friday, November 29, 2013

NASA Lies Big Time, Propaganda Over Comet iSon!

Rescue me, O Lord, from liars and from all deceitful people. -Psalm 120-2

Updated with new videos11/29/13.  

It seems NASA's lying all the time to the public and can't be trusted.  Here are a few videos about those sharing the information they have regarding how and why NASA lies to the people. Please see my post from yesterday that includes clear evidence iSon made it past the sun, Evidence Comet iSon Survived!.

First, here's a recap video showing Comet iSon clearly made it past the sun.

See it with your own eyes how Comet iSon clearly made it intact past the sun!

According to this video, iSon's been regenerated in some capacity in spite of NASA's claims otherwise

Why did NASA try to unduly kill off Comet iSon?

Though this vid's not any eye pleaser, it's one free human being
sharing his beliefs of what is happening and how NASA's been lying to us.

This video is well worth watching. It starts off sounding like a documentary but you'll find it changes dramatically and goes on into relevant current topics related to NASA's lies over ISON as well as other information 

November 25th video shows NASA was lying prior to the iSon sun encounter.