Friday, February 14, 2014

Every Day is Valentine's Day In Heaven

On this Valentine's Day as a newly saved Christian, I'd like to bring up personal a observation of how American men of the world seem to really be going through a crisis due to the nation's steady collapse and their growing loss of status and prestige because of it.  Additionally, I've noted the pastor of my new church is focused on a month long series addressing sex, porn and relationships using statistics of high divorce rates among non-believers and Christians.

I'm preparing to provide my witness testimony video of my being saved by Jesus Christ.  My relationship with God is no longer in question and no cyber stalker or non-believer can change this fact with their twisted ideas.  My last blog post addressed a typical insecure male who any typical non-believing woman would support in his wanting authority over my life.  He used such words as "truth", "rebuke" and "God" addressing a body building article that was on this blog prior to my being saved.  Like the other satanists, he posed as a victim of my article and was in complete denial that I addressed his comments professionally that he was out of line for continuing to contact me.

These type of men of authority continually want to hijack God in my life and create a spirit of rebellion in me as if they have the ultimate authority. They do not follow Jesus but their own power based on ignorance.  I consider the person who contacted me was really a disembodied demonic spirit because it claimed some kind of power and authority over my life. He kept lying that he used his real name to contact me and provided false pretenses for why he had nothing to hide.

This demonic spirit that contacted me a few days ago worked through some lonely man around Valentine's Day who, instead of turning to God for His own salvation, played the false role of a servant of God with authority over me.  For those women who don't know God's Word they become true victims of these mentally ill men.  I've been set free of these kind of malicious, deceptive lying spirits that create false roles and illusions to get into my mind.

I've been set free through the power and blood of Jesus of these vicious, evil sick men who will never ever let up in their allowing demonic spirits to rule their lives.  They're nothing but puppets for Satan who are headed for eternal hell. I pity the women who give these fools power over their lives for the sake of authority and raw unabated power. It's all meaningless and hateful what these men are doing, quite fruitless.

I've been celibate since 1986, I'm no man or woman's sweetheart because I belong to God.  I was meant to be a virgin. I  am a child of God.  Men have a tough time with this wanting to try and torment me.  My question for these men and the women who support them is since I'm clearly going to heaven thanks to accepting what Jesus did for me at the cross, where are they going after they leave this earth?  We cannot achieve our own salvation any other way then through Jesus.

I haven't taken down my former blog posts in my pre-Christian sect because they attract an audience that thereby gets the message of Jesus as the true Messiah.  God can use these things for His purpose.