Thursday, February 6, 2014

Not Lovin It! The Bank Levies! The Psychopaths!

Over the past few months I've been steadily building my case of the evil that's been done to me by wicked men who networked together to attempt to steal every cent of my money when I was trying to be a singer starting back in 2007.

I will continue to build my case on my YouTube channels and on this blog of the evil Satan inspired psy-op that was perpetrated against me when I tried to get back into singing.  I was working part time at the law firm of Keesel Young & Logan in 2007 working on becoming a local jazz singer with jazz pianist and composers Michael Smolens (see my video with Michael Smolens) and Ken Muir.  I tried to let the law firm's support staff person who liked my singing know some crazy psychopaths were cyber stalking me.  I was laid-off shortly thereafter.

The video below is one of my earliest recordings from 2007 when I first took up singing and songwriting.  Lovin It was a songwriting collaboration between myself and Chris Christopherson who wrote the music and played the instruments.  I wrote the lyrics and provided vocals.

Eight years after I recorded this demo song, Edmond Wollmann is continually levying my bank accounts that started from a cyber gang based psy-op in which I was lured after two years into filing a lawsuit for defamation. The San Diego Superior Court turned out to be in on the psy-op issuing a huge default judgment against me in a cross-complaint months after the 90 day statute had expired months prior. Two attorneys told me my case was over, Cathy Kazemi, Esq. who I hired on an hourly basis and Timothy Walton Esq. Cathy told me she also contacted the court clerk who wouldn't give her any information on a cross-complaint hearing.   After I responded to the pro se complaint, it was taken off the court ledger.  I figured it was because the statute expired and attorney Timothy Walton, Esq. told me "as far as I'm concerned the case is over" after I called for his client to be a witness in my defense. 

Later these evil men networked through a gang of lawyers including Joseph F. Hart, Esq. and two other attorneys who worked with him, along with a key player, Judge Robert C. Longstreth in the San Diego judicial system.  There was no protection for me from these men and their devious activities. They disregarded key facts and used Rick Lazzarini as a Hollywood horror movie special effects man (Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddie films, Alien, etc) to harass me to no end first posing as Edmond Wollmann, then getting him involved in the harassment with a blog. Mr. Lazzarini took Mr. Wollmann's former AOL address that he lost due to mischief.  He began impersonating Mr. Wollmann with it and the court could have cared less in its approval of this criminal activity.  These men believed I was well to do because of where I live and the money I forked out for an expensive microphone and musicians but they were wrong. 

The actions of Edmond Wollmann indicate he clearly wants me out in the streets destitute and dead.  Let this blog and my YouTube Channels be on record as documenting my state of mind during the time these cyber stalkers first began their activities starting in 2006 through Joel Sean Gray.  All this happened because I tried to be a singer and had a singing blog about my progress as I promoted local musicians.  I just wanted to sing!

As a repented reborn Christian, I'm becoming very familiar with the tactics of the enemy, these men are clearly possessed by demonic spirits and their actions are entirely irrational and alien. They're like thoughtless machines programmed by Satan to destroy! They see nothing wrong with what they've done, the judicial system completely supported their roles in overlooking facts making them out to be poor persecuted martyr victims. I gave two warning letters prior to the lawsuit to Mr. Wollmann he admitted to ignoring. These wicked people feel entirely justified to be carrying on with a plan to destroy my life and Mr. Wollman's attorney Gary Bemis Esq. in Riverside, CA is not letting up on the irrational monthly levies to my bank accounts!

Each day I pray and I take up the spiritual warfare scriptures in His Word and know the level of darkness from these evil demons that possess these greedy men's souls is significantly dangerous.

Darkness, Spiritual
God’s Word enlightens us (Psalm 119:105)
The way of wicked people is darkness (Proverbs 4:19)
Jesus brings light to darkened lives (John 1:5)
Living without God is living in spiritual darkness (Acts 26:17–18)
Christians do not live in spiritual darkness (Ephesians 5:8)
God rescued us from eternal darkness (Colossians 1:13)
There is no darkness in Jesus (1 John 1:5)
Sinners’ eternal punishment will be in darkness (Jude 1:4–13)

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