Sunday, March 9, 2014

Public Disclosure of Edmond Wollmann's On-Line Attacks, Stealing Money From Bank Accounts


Astrologer Edmond Wolmann is trying to kill me off, won't stop until I'm dead.

I wanted to post this publicly because Mr. Wollmann continues to attack me and my business, putting up a huge propaganda website accusing my notary service of being a fraud.  A client disclosed this to me last week, I don't do any Google searches on myself or businesses due to the disturbing nature that these men have targeted me as if they're drones set to destroy.  At the same time, Mr. Wollmann is continually stealing money out of my bank accounts refusing to allow a reasonable monthly payment to accommodate his unlawful default judgment from 2011 that was based on perjury, cover-ups, manipulation, suspension of a significant statute and the over site of pertinent facts. He just stole another $500 Friday and $230 on Monday.

I wanted to let people know that at first I wanted to just be a singer in 2007 but when cyber stalkers began harassing me I got an education in law only to find these beasts in the court system wanting to swallow me whole and digest a slow murder of my life like pythons.  I had wanted to dedicate a new career as a Legal Document Assistant to help people avoid excessive lawyer's fees.

In 2009 I was a Legal Document Assistant and member of the California Association of Legal Document Assistants. I had a business At Your Service Legal Document Prep.  I was a member of CALDA's Board for a few weeks.  The business was to help low income people file their own legal forms without an attorney.  For instance, one of my clients saved $10,000 in lawyer fees on her divorce by choosing to use my services for $500.

The reason I left the business was the heavy intimidation I encountered from Judge Robert C. Longstreth of the San Diego Superior Court (East County) prior to his moving to the family court division.  In 2009 I had filed a lawsuit in pro se against Edmond Wollmann after two years of continual defamation with a huge blog up about me including email and blog comment harassment.  He did not respond to two warning letters.

Judge Longstreth had two ex parte hearings with Edmond Wollmann and issued fraudulent laced restraining orders against me in retaliation for my turning a gun threat email over to the La Jolla Police who visited Mr. Wollmann.  I was falsely accused of many things in these temporary orders and was not present to defend myself in San Diego.  I was also threatened at a phone teleconference in court by Judge Longstreth that there were "consequences for going after the wrong man" in the lawsuit I filed.   Judge Longstreth knew I was a Legal Document Assistant and member of CALDA and was holding it against my case because I had disclosed it in my legal briefs.

There was someone initially impersonating Mr. Wollmann who I later learned to be Rick Lazzarini, a Hollywood horror film special effects man for Night on Elm Street, Alien, and many other films and owner of The Character Shop in Simi Valley, CA.  Mr. Wollmann lost his email address that enabled another to obtain it in order to impersonate him.  Judge Longstreth was aware someone involved in Hollywood filed a Motion to Quash through entertainment industry attorney Joseph Hart, Esq. in Beverly Hills. Turns out the two men Lazzarini and Wollmann knew each other and Mr. Wollmann did not disclose this foreknowledge of his impersonator at a deposition.

Judge Longstreth made it clear any future of my filings wouldn't make a bit of difference in the other central court of San Diego where the case was filed, that it would be futile due to his ruling at the restraining order hearing, that he asked me to dismiss my lawsuit.  After I dismissed the lawsuit, the Court suspended the statute that prohibited Mr. Wollmann from filing a cross lawsuit and he was allowed 8 months into the lawsuit to file a cross-complaint.  I responded to the complaint but was later led to believe the case was not active nor set for any hearing.

Two attorneys, Timothy Walton, Esq. an attorney who had experience in other cases dealing with Mr. Wollmann and my contract attorney Cathy Kazemi both told me the case was over that there were no further hearings after I dismissed my lawsuit against Mr. Wollmann.  I was misinformed.  One year later there was a hearing I wasn't aware of to defend myself at.  The Court issued a punitive damages default judgment against me for $570,000 awarding Mr. Wollmann allegedly $100,000 in lawyer's fees though he was largely in pro se.

Since I learned of this judgment, my life has continually been endangered by these men who are adamant and taking every last cent I have to my name.  Mr. Wollmann would not agree to a monthly payment of $200 all I could afford. Mr. Wollmann is acting in a manner of a man without a conscience who is blaming me entirely for Rick Lazzarini's impersonation of him that is entirely irrational.  Though Mr. Lazzarini initially contacted me, it became clear Mr. Wollmann had a very abnormal obsession with me that continues to this day of having ill will intent to obliterate my life.

I'm now convinced that Mr. Wollmann won't stop coming after me until I'm dead.  He is clearly a heavily programmed psychopath trying to destroy me and my life. Judges in San Diego fully empowered Mr. Wollmann like an armed drone to come after me because they felt my former career as a Legal Document Assistant and member of the California Association of Legal Document Assistants threatened their legal industry territory.  It was confirmed to me by another party Judge Longstreth is strongly opposed to the self-help pro se Legal Document Assistant profession.  What they issued against me in the case was politically based and a cover-up for Mr. Wollmann's Satanic ritual abuse he and Rick Lazzarini were partaking in.

These are truly horrendously vile evil Godless people who are headed for the pit of hell.  I pray for my enemies and trust in God that no matter what happens I am protected by Jesus my eternal Savior.

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