Sunday, May 11, 2014

Noah Movie Deception Goes Viral, Bill Maher's Also Exposed As Depraved Satanist

In less than two months this video's gone viral with 250,000+ views. Also, to see Bill Maher's pathetic rant against God, see frame 6:10 of this video.

Happy Mother Day, this is a blessed day in America. No matter how great or depraved mothers are, they all deserve credit for bringing a life or lives into this world leaving it up to God on if such a person will be saved by Jesus to further His Kingdom.  Mothers are a vehicle for life much like Mary was for her virgin birth to Jesus.  Mother's have a great role to play in God's plan for redemption.

I thought I'd post a viral video from Good Fight Ministries about the Noah film I will never see. I don't watch Hollywood films anymore because I find them disturbing in this day and age.  Movies are used as mind control of the population full of a lot of twisting of the truth.