Monday, May 19, 2014

Satan Perverts Music In This World Leading Masses To Eternal Hell

I've developed a new perspective on music since I was saved by Jesus in 2012 after a bike accident.  Since that time I've completely lost my love for the world's music and no longer allow it to hijack my emotions as before. From a personal perspective, I know God's pruning me of the worldly things I've participated in for decades that includes giving up nightly glasses of wine, movies and television. In the process I've also been searching for greater understanding since music was such a large part of my life.

I've since come to understand through the Holy Spirit that the reason people love music so much is they are taking the place of God in enjoying what was initially meant for Him to be praised by.  When I enjoyed listening to music, I did so taking God's place because music was created for praising God alone.  That's right, the purpose of music in heaven was meant to praise God and nothing less. When the most powerful angel in heaven Lucifer fell from grace, he took his musical talents with him into our world.

They Sold Their Souls For Rock N Roll's a real eye opener

The key to understanding the spiritual nature behind the world's music is that Satan, the fallen angel previously known as Lucifer, was created by God for the purpose of praising Him with music.
"Satan had been given a very special, very distinctive commission from God to minister unto Him and cover His glory with music through worship and praise.  Of Lucifer's musical abilities, Terry Law has written: 'Pipes apparently were built into his very body. . .He was a master musician.  He was a walking orchestra'.  And that was the distinctive, creative purpose that God gave to him.  He was one of God's best works of creation for the purpose of praising God in heaven." - pg 36-37, Answers to Questions About Spiritual Warfare - David Jeremiah 
So now that I fully understand a fallen angel was once the sole proprietor of music in heaven, this gives me a lot of insight into how music of this world wasn't meant to be my domain after all. When Lucifer fell he became Satan who today uses our world to spread his counterfeit religion as the prince of this world. Therefore those who truly love God naturally have no desire whatsoever to listen to any of this world's music as I no longer do.

Those fools who are still buying tickets to see Fleetwood Mac since their high school days four decades ago are in for one hell of a surprise if they don't repent and turn to God for their salvation through Jesus, the only way out of hell.

So when multitudes of people go to rock and rap concerts what it really amounts to spiritually is they're being entertained by Satan prior to their entering the gates of eternal hell.  All music that is created outside of God's true purpose for it, to worship Him, is of Satan.  I've observed how music reeks havoc on each generation and how it just gets worse with time.

As a Christian I gladly give up the music of this world and now sing praise songs in church.  I wouldn't go to see the last Paul McCartney concert here in San Francisco if someone paid me.  People who go to these concerts are brainwashed and headed straight for hell.  The last concert I went to was in 1979 for a part time job in security at the Los Angeles Forum.  When Carole King, Steely Dan and even Yanni performed a block away from where I live at the Masonic Auditorium a couple years ago, I didn't have any interest whatsoever in going, not even for free!

People have no idea that these artists are leading them straight to eternal hell, they're all the works of Satan whose using music to reach the masses to bring them into the gates of hell.  Seriously, even if it's the mellowest band in the world like Bread, it is of Satan because it hijacks emotions and doesn't praise God.