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Gov. Jerry Brown's On Highway to Hell, Wants to Bring California Along For The Ride!

Evidence is mounting that California Governor Jerry Brown's growing more insane with each passing day in his recent need to bring the State of California into eternal hell along with him.  Though the country's in a terrible drought, Governor Brown's busy doing everything he can to welcome millions of illegal aliens into California so he and his Democrats can secure votes for their disgraced party. See California's Extreme Drought, Ignorance Isn't Bliss - August 2, 2014
"Very quietly, Governor Brown has created a sanctuary state in California. That is his state will not cooperate with the feds by enforcing immigration law. . . . . Governor Brown and others have subverted the entire process (legal immigration). They are saying to everybody, 'Hey! Hey! You are welcome in California. Come on in' Simply put, that is insane. We all know why Jerry Brown is doing what he is doing -- votes. About a third of all people living in California were not born in the U.S.A."  How California Governor Jerry Brown is undermining American Immigration law - Bill O'Reilly
That's right, you heard it, Governor Jerry Brown and his party are so desperate to secure their voter base, they're recruiting illegal aliens to come into California to the tune of $25 billion of California tax payers money. Governor Brown doesn't have much of a future here on earth and knows it so he's blowing it on whatever little life he has prior to entering eternal hell by destroying California.  Governor Brown already knows California can't sustain its current population with the on-going drought. Why would anyone in their right mind welcome illegal aliens into this country except to bribe them this way for their future votes? This is INSANE!

Gov. Jerry Brown to Mexican Illegals: 'You're All Welcome in California!'

“You’re all welcome in California today,” Brown said in Los Angeles on Monday. Nieto characterized the influx of illegal immigrants as justice for “those who contribute so much to the development of the American society.”  - Gov. Brown Announces Coming Collapse of California Prison 

In addition to this INSANE action, a possibly senile highly manipulated Governor Brown also had the audacity to pass laws allowing transgenders to cross-enter biological gender restrooms in public schools:

"This radical bill warps the gender expectations of children by forcing all California public schools to permit biological boys in girls restrooms, showers, clubs and on girls sports teams and biological girls in boys restrooms, showers, clubs and sports teams," said Randy Thomasson, president of, as reported by FOX News. "This is insanity." Calif. Governor Signs Student Transgender Bill Into Law; 'This Is Insanity' - - August, 2013
Maybe it was the years of studying Buddhism, an ancient religion where the Buddha is said to have eaten his own excrement as part of his enlightenment. See The Buddha and Buddhism Timothy Conway, PhD

Maybe it was the years of smoking pot with Linda Rondstadt in the 70's when he was an arrogant liberal elitist jet setting around to her rock concerts that did him in (not to mention hanging around a lesbian as her alleged boyfriend). All of Governor Brown's long political life has been dedicated likely, not to raising family or children, but of trying to rebel against and then later live up to his father's stature.  Jerry Brown's state of mind is clearly deteriorating to the point that many are recognizing this man needs to be removed from office.

But that's not all, there's even more insanity to report here from an article on, January 2014:

Insane: Gov. Jerry Brown wants to spend earthquake-prone California's billion dollar "emergency fund" to move non-violent offenders into private prisons...
"Over the summer, Brown revealed a plan to spend what could end up being the bulk of the state’s $1 billion emergency reserve fund – money that is supposed to be spent in the event of an emergency – to finance the transfer of people from California’s overcrowded detention facilities into privately run prisons. “Brown said the alternative is to allow 10,000 prison inmates to go free.” Our demented “public safety” priorities: How nonviolent offenders attract more concern than natural disasters. -, January, 2014
I believe Governor Jerry Brown is either INSANE or SENILE in need of professional help that he should be removed from office immediately! He's detached from reality not caring what damage he does to millions of people's futures in California.  If Governor Jerry Brown's father were alive today, I believe wholeheartedly he'd commit his son to a mental institution to prevent harm to himself and the public based on these aforementioned facts.

As a Christian I can only pray for Governor Jerry Brown while asking for his repentance in his continuing into a downward spiral that can only lead to eternal hell.  Like all of us, Jerry Brown has a free will to go where he chooses after he dies, but not to bring millions of people down into a black hole of death along with him who have a long life ahead of them. 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Riveting Witness Testimony of Atheist College Professor Howard Storm's Near Death Glimpse of Hell

Here are two riveting videos of former atheist Howard Storm's near death testimony in which Jesus gave him a second chance after a visit to hell. This former atheist relied on his childhood memory of his singing the song "Jesus Loves Me" and any prayers he could recall. He then screamed out Jesus name who answered him.
"This is the testimony of college professor and atheist Howard Storm who while on vacation in Paris France had a perforation in his stomach and died. He had a NDE and when he died he was surrounded by demons jinns who tortured him, but suddenly remembered a prayer was saved and was revived. After seeing hell and jinn he changed.  
On June 1, 1985, at the age of 38, Howard Storm, a Professor of Art at Northern Kentucky University, had a near-death experience due to a perforation of the stomach and his life was forever changed he lives to tell his story." - YouTube bio

Part 1

Part 2

A reviewer of Howard Storm's book My Descent Into Death on Amazon:
Howard Storm's NDE is one of the most uplifting and persuasive NDEs that I have read. There is much there for the confirmed Christian and much for someone of any other faith. Parts of Howard's experience fall right into accepted Christian doctrine and parts don't. Those reviewers that rigidly "apply" Christian doctrine to reject Howard's story simply miss the point. So do those who reject Christianity and therefore reject stories such as Howard's. The message is one of hope and love, not doctrine. 
First, Howard Storm was not a "Christian" when he had his NDE. Instead, he was totally indifferent to God, and became a Christian only after his NDE. Howard's NDE begins when he dies and finds himself in an existence with countless other loveless/godless beings who did nothing but attack and dismember him (and worse). In the depths of his despair, Howard the atheist remembered a line from a song to Jesus from his childhood and began to sing it. Jesus rescued him. Howard learned the hard way that Jesus was his best friend. Yet if Jesus can save an avowed atheist, and be "best friend" to such a person, then Jesus can also save anyone, including other atheists, Hindus, Catholics, Presbyterians, Moslems, etc. 

Howard Storm's an author of My Decent Into Death, available on Amazon

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Women Have Had Enough of Rap Music - A Response To The Hell Bound

It's about time a woman spoke out against Rap music like this. It's gone too far and its time to end it. Whatever it takes, many agree including myself, this Rap crap has to come to an end.   Post by Usamaa Babar.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Powerful Testimony Of Woman's Failed Suicide Glimpse of Eternal Hell

Testimony of a suicide attempt that nearly killed a woman who visited hell whom Jesus saved and brought back to testify of what happens to suicides.

Powerful Witness Testimony of Woman Visiting Hell after Shooting Herself 

Another witness testimony of a suicide attempt

Famous Women in Hell

Another testimony hell is real.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blog Talk Radio: Cheryl Meril's Testimony of Divine Intervention

Listen To Christianity Internet Radio Stations with How Jesus Got Thru To Cheryl Meril on BlogTalkRadio with How Jesus Got Thru To Cheryl Meril on BlogTalkRadio

Fake Christianity Soothes, Real Christianity Instills Fear of God

Unfortunately I had to remove Pastor Chip Ingram at Living On the Edge Ministries from this blog for his referral links because he's talking about how a very close friend is a lesbian on his new Culture Shock video series. He is one of these softy "Jesus loves you" Christians who doesn't fear God nearly enough, who has a more casual attitude and approach without regard for the serious times we're in.

I'm sorry Chip, don't give me permission to indulge in the flesh of paying attention to homosexuals and their continual need for attention at this time in history, especially when the Rapture's at our door with Jesus knocking! My calling by God isn't to sit down and sympathize with Satan and his band of rebellious followers including atheists.

Example of Pastor Chip Ingram's forfeiting James 4:7's "Submit to God and Resist the Devil" 
I stay clear from the "Jesus loves you" crowd that wishes to indoctrinate people into their feel good vibes of fake Christianity in their wanting to be accepted by all, including atheists. They're out to win a popularity contest against those who are letting people know that without Jesus Christ in their lives they're headed for eternal hell.  Warm and fuzzy "Jesus loves you" Christians are often fake, because they don't bother instilling the fear of God in people's lives.

The late Pastor Derek Prince is an example of someone who didn't bend God's Word to compromise and appease unrepentant rebellious sinful lifestyles. The reason being, this Pastor understands the purpose of his ministry was to instill fear of what we're all facing in the unseen world only following Jesus and God's Word can save us from.

The truth is that Godly love is letting people know that without accepting and asking Jesus into their lives, they're headed for eternal hell that the only reason they're not in hell now is due to God's mercy and grace. It is the duty of Christians to let people know what they're facing without Jesus, not only in their lives now, but in eternity and to ask for their repentance to God.  It's not about the John Lennon "love is all you need" that lacks spiritual foundation.  This doesn't mean Christians are condemning anyone, these people's ignorance of God and His Word is condemning themselves. It's a Christian duty to spread the Word and not give in to wanting to please non-believers with alleged good politically correct behavior that does nothing for the Kingdom of God.

Francis Chan clarifies the scariest lies in the world happening right now.

Human love is not of the Holy Spirit, and warm and fuzzy "Jesus loves you" doctrines fail. Instilling the fear of God into those who aren't on the narrow path in life is Godliness. God loves those who fear and obey him. Jesus spoke of hell more than anyone else in the Bible because He came to save us from it. 

Only by the Holy Spirit do people do real works for God, therefore I die to myself. I myself have no means of loving anyone without God loving them through me. God loves people through the Holy Spirit.. The "Jesus loves you" camp of believers are shallow and that phrase does nothing to convert people to Christianity. Jesus came to save and forgave the sinners he encountered we see in Scripture, but then asked them to sin no more. Pastors need to instill the fear of God and not cave in to today's popular culture.

The most famous sermon in Christian history by John Edwards instilled the fear of God in His brethren inspiring the Great Awakening .

A way to spot fake or highly compromised Christians is they act out of their own self-interests using Christianity to try and cure their loneliness with a lack of a genuine relationship with Jesus in their lives. Fake Christians also use Christianity to feel they're on a hierarchy of status in society to soothe their own conscience and ego.  Whenever a so called Christian tries to capture me with a false doctrine by falsely accusing me and twisting things, I know they have their own agenda outside the Scriptures.

I wanted so very much to continue going to attend a local church here in San Francisco until they began putting worldly Hollywood
films into their service topics, even having "guys night out" advertised on their website going to see the Planet of the Apes.  When they advertised for Planet of the Apes it was a huge red flag and pattern growing that it was a compromised church in apostasy.  There are a plethora of Christian based films they could have seen instead. That was a red flag, not to mention their free movie ticket campaign to promote bringing a friend to service.

There are many who are out there falsely claiming to be Christians when they've succumbed to the spirit of this world.  I call them the "warm and fuzzy" Christians who believe human love is God's love. Anyone who understands hell is real that Jesus came to save us from, knows that fear of God is a good thing and that there's nothing wrong with letting people know about eternal hell.  There is no such thing as R.I.P. for suicides and those who reject Jesus Christ as Messiah.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Satanism in Hollywood & Media (Video Documentary)

This documentary's a must see for anyone who wants to know the truth of how demonic spiritual forces use Hollywood to indoctrinate people into Satan's agenda to lead as many to eternal hell as possible. It presents testimony in the participant's own words and history as far back as Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield. 

The Devil's In Comedy Polluting People's Souls

God's shown me people who follow comedians have depraved spiritual lives and hardened hearts who use manufactured comedy as a form of escapism.  This includes all of the comedians in history outside the jurisdiction of Jesus Christ. Comedians end up overwhelmingly in eternal hell because the nature of their profession is evil in God's sight.

Real Christians don't follow comedians of the world nor its entertainment systems including Hollywood films and whatever's coming out of the music industry especially today. God is all we need for entertainment, He opens our eyes and has a sense of humor that's far superior to any from fallen human beings. 

In 2007 I gave up watching television when I realized it was turning me into a brainless zombie watching endless repeats with commercial breaks of 7 minutes.  I watched Will & Grace reruns like I used to watch I Love Lucy repeats when I was a kid. So I stopped watching tv sitcoms and comedies and haven't wanted to look back since.  I never saw one Seinfeld or Sex and the City, not even Friends in years prior either. I have no interest in these programs.  

After watching many Hollywood films in life, sometimes multiple times, I also stopped going to movie theaters from way back in 1998.  My last theater film was Finding Nemo outside documentaries. Last year I even dumped my entire DVD collection, all of it including Lewis Black and even Ellen Degeneres.  I'm done with it all. 

When I recently observed the deranged depraved attitudes of the followers and fans of Robin Williams in the comment section, I realized why God doesn't want me ever seeking the entertainment of this world. These people are spiritually blind and arrogant with a tremendous sense of confidence they shouldn't have without Jesus in their lives. In other words, the laughter's hardened them to the point they have no fear of God.

Time's running out to turn to God for forgiveness and accept Him. He is the only true God, He lives! Jesus is the Messiah! There is heaven and hell as the only two destinations after death, one or the other. No waiting terminals like at the airport to decide after death, it's all based on God's Word where we go. He won't be examining our lives based on human standards of how warm and fuzzy our lives were as unrepentant sinners.

I think of the comedians who give their lives over to the kind of people who commented on my last blog post, and I realize why comedy is evil in God's eyes. It's nothing more than escapism for people who don't want to face spiritual problems through Jesus so God hardens their hearts.  The people are largely hardened and unteachable who follow these comedians with such arrogance in denial of God.  The comedians have become these people's pseudo preachers they use to avoid church, pastors and God Himself.

Only Jesus can save fallen humanity from hell where all are headed without Him.  A little depression is nothing compared to the eternal fate of hell suffering separation from God forever.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Was Robin Williams an Atheist?

Like everyone else, I grew up with Robin Williams' comedy and he made me continually laugh. I never saw any of his films except for Ms. Doubtfire and even got the DVD.  Regardless, a few months ago I saw a clip of Robin Williams expressing great disrespect for God in one of his acting scenes, a speech before God in which he said something to the effect of "you're just not worth it."  I was deeply appalled, not to mention shocked. I prayed very deeply for Robin Williams' salvation that evening and promised God never to see another of his films ever again.  A few days ago Robin Williams crossed my mind after I heard he'd be doing a sequel of Ms. Doubtfire.    

I was once again shocked to hear reference to the character's hating God in this 2014 trailer.

Robin Williams was very ignorant and political about God and didn't so much as turn to Him in gratefulness after he survived a heart operation that he continued on with alcoholism. After I heard the news of his alleged suicide, I visited the trailer video clip of his new film Angry Man From Brooklyn that was about a man learning he only 90 minutes left to live.  In the trailer, once again, the theme "he hates God" came up.  

I did a little research to discover Robin Williams was likely an atheist which makes sense why he allegedly gave up so easily on his life without reaching out to Almighty God.  He apparently allowed Hollywood's last script to lead him to think about his own death in new and revealing ways by sharing his fantasies with his audience.  
"Williams was brought up by an Episcopalian and a Christian Scientist. He seems to claim Episcopalian but many speculate that he's really an atheist." -Robin Williams -
Robin Williams apparently lacked a real relationship with his Creator and never sought after God's guidance in his life relying solely on his own strength, talents and entertainment idols such as Jonathan Winters who died in 2013.  See Robin Williams: The Sad Truth the Media Won't Tell You - Joe Schimmel- August 12, 2014

I think this performance was very unwise and a sign of real ignorance to choose this kind of material for one's comedy routine. Robin Williams obviously had a lack of fear of God to put something like this together for the public.

The fact remains these famous people in Hollywood who have no real spiritual foundation are all destined to perish into eternal hell without Jesus!  This is very serious, God's not playing around, it's either heaven or hell!

This tragic outcome of Robin Williams' life demonstrated that no matter how talented and influential one is, if they lack a sound spiritual foundation in Jesus Christ, they will perish and end up in eternal hell.  There is only one way to heaven and that is by the narrow path of Jesus as revealed in His Word.  Fear God and turn away from Hollywood films and entertainment because time's running out!

Powerful testimony of an atheist professor's little trip to the afterlife in hell and back

Woman had failed suicide attempt, had glimpse of eternal hell.

So for everyone who loved Robin Williams, it's time to wake up, to start accepting and loving Jesus Christ as the only one who can lead you out of eternal hell to the gates of heaven. No one else but Jesus is the way out of hell because all of mankind is fallen from grace headed there without Him.  So stop wasting time with entertainment and study God's Word, pray and repent of these distractions because time's running out, we're on God's time table, not our own.  

I recommend listening to Dr. Charles Stanley and Dr. David Jeremiah's pod casts to begin building a new life in Jesus Christ, and to purchase a study Bible (Life Application Bible - NLT by Tyndale publishers listed in the right menu panel of this blog).  These are very serious times we're living in, it's time to give up these comedians and turn to Jesus as the source of our happiness who died for our sins to save us from eternal hell so that we could enter into the Kingdom of God to live forever with Him.  Jesus solved our spiritual problem for us and it's time to accept that fact and begin a new life with Him.

What non-believers don't understand is Satan took Robin Williams life, that God had offered him grace and mercy for 63 years. Without any spiritual foundation and relationship with God none are equipped to deal with the serious issues Satan and his demons pose to our lives.  This is why Christians are in continual spiritual warfare, we know what we're facing because it's all disclosed in His Word. We are given full authority over demonic spirits and Satan himself through our Lord Jesus who defeated him at the cross and resurrected to eternal life. 

I love God very much and He is the priority in my life now.  People who put idols like Robin Williams before Him have no idea what they're missing in Jesus Christ.

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Flashback to Beatles Boycott - The Reemergence of Faith Based Consumer Boycotts

In case you haven't heard, there's a rising trend of faith based consumers who are boycotting companies that are in clear opposition to God, in other words, fit into the category of being anti-christian.  

One example of anti-christian sentiment is the recent announcement by Target Stores that they are coming out as a company in support of gay marriage. See Target Officially Comes Out for Gay Marriage Nationwide.  
"Given that same-sex marriage had already become law in Minnesota, Target’s decision yesterday to support same-sex marriage beyond the state signals a clear corporate call for the redefinition of marriage nationwide. For Faith Driven Consumers, this shift offers an opportunity to reconsider the degree to which we will support a company that supports an agenda contrary to biblical teaching and threatens the cherished religious freedom that America was founded upon."
A new site Faith Based Consumer has been documenting those companies that are against Biblical principles such as being pro abortion.  
"Research indicates that Faith Driven Consumers comprise 15% of the U.S. population and spend $1.75 trillion annually—compared to the $830 billion spent by the less than 3% of the population that self-identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender." Target Officially Comes Out for Gay Marriage Nationwide
Boycotts are nothing new. Perhaps the most famous boycott in recent memory was against the John Lennon of the Beatles claim back in 1966 of being more popular then Jesus Christ.  This sparked a national uproar and as seen in this outstanding video below, the concerns of many young intelligent Christian women of the time were a warning of the evil to come for those who believed what these godless young Brits were promoting.

A new video released, "Music Artist John Lennon  Beatles 'We're More Popular than Jesus Christ'" is about a large uproar of Beatles fans who, back in 1966, repented and boycotted turning back to Jesus Christ after recognizing John Lennon's statement was anti-christian and evil.

Target, Inc. became a target of gay organizations to convert the retailer into pro gay marriage when they had initially resisted.  That's what these gay organizations do is target their prey for annihilation like the Borg on Star Trek Next Generation's popular cliche "you will be assimilated". 

In contrast, the Faith Based Consumer site states:
"Faith Driven Consumer realizes that no company is perfect, just as there are no humans that are perfect. We are not called to judge but to provide the facts so that you can make a more informed decision as a consumer."
God gave us free will and we don't have to support gay marriage or face assimilation.   

To find out how your favorite companies rate visit Faith Based Consumer

Saturday, August 2, 2014

California's Severe Drought: Ignorance Is Not Bliss!

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't enjoy opening unexpected bills such as for a medical procedure I had months ago.  Here comes another stray charge to add to the $15K kidney stone operation, right? The pain certainly forced me into a quick resolution, but I somehow wanted to delay opening another bill. After a few more days of spending from my ignorance is bliss account, the time had finally come to open the bill.  Wow, it was just $9? I was grateful they made an error and reversed the charge. So the reality was that all that time I had only delayed what was actually good news. The truth certainly hurts sometimes but often times not. I've since learned it's not a good idea to delay truth's arrival in any form.

Unfortunately when it comes to ignoring the news about California's extreme drought crisis, ignorance is clearly not bliss. It's not bliss especially since ignorance can be used as a tool of oppression by evil people who have their own plans on what they intend to do to reduce what they consider to be an unmanageable growing population.

It's been a few years of drought now and one can observe a lack of action of California's State government has contributed to people withdrawing from their imaginary ignorance is bliss accounts in hopes the drought will somehow magically disappear. The fact of the matter is it's only gotten worse as the U.S. Drought Monitor has reported that 58% of California is now in a state of exceptional drought.

It's clear to me that this drought has been engineered through chem trailing over the past several years. While they've been busy spraying toxic chemicals into our environment in secret projects our government allowed, they've done nothing with weather engineering technology to promote rain.  The government certainly has the technology in the 21st Century to seed the clouds for rain water but has apparently decided to use it for outrageous secret projects where people often complain of illness.

Here's a video of my former boyfriend from 1982, Michael Lynberg, talking about the spraying in Pacific Grove California a few years ago where the California State government could have cared less about the human health damage it caused.  This is also parallel with today's article, EPA Tested Deadly Pollutants On People For The Obama Administration's Agenda. - Truth & Action, August 2, 2014 

California Governor Jerry Brown's limp wrist elitist response to drought is "voluntary 20% reduction"  when the state has only one year left of reserves!

In SFGate's July 30, 2014 article California Drought, We All Must Conserve, Governor Brown's casual attitude towards this serious drought crisis came across loud and clear:
"Gov. Jerry Brown signed an executive order in April that prohibited homeowners groups from fining members for brown lawns - it underscores the problem with Californians' response to the drought." 
The lack of rapid response by California's State government was required but all we've heard thus far is "voluntary 20% reduction".  This limp wrist response by the Governor Jerry Brown is against a back drop of an alleged one year window before water reserves completely run out! One year left of water and Governor Jerry Brown issues a "voluntary 20%" decree?  Who's he fooling?  To me, this is evidence the government's complicit in this drought and there is a plan, not to bring back rain by promoting cloud seeding for rain, but for migration, real estate collapse and quite feasibly death en masse.

As a Christian who has the Holy Spirit, I wanted to say this drought is not the doing of God.  Instead, this is interference by corrupt evil men with an agenda who want to use this man made engineered drought to promote their global warming propaganda.  These men, in turn,would also like to use this drought to get masses of suffering people to blame God for denying them water.

I believe from the evidence that they've clearly  been doing something to our environment through chem trails for many years now. Certain people are evil enough to create this drought scenario to promote global warming in order to accelerate their wealth through a worldwide carbon tax.  I believe there are people evil enough who could care less if California is destroyed, that people will be required to migrate to other states and forfeit their homes to the banks.

California Wake-Up Call - Extreme Drought Will Lead to Mass Migration and Real Estate Collapse - August 2, 2014
Mass migration away from California is inevitable: The inevitability of the mass migration away from California still hasn't quite sunk in among most people who live there. Almost no one has thought about how they might afford to move out of California when the value of their own property in California will be approaching zero. 
Lynn Wilson is the academic chair at Kaplan University, and she serves on the climate change delegation in the United Nations. "Civilizations in the past have had to migrate out of areas of drought," she said in a CNBC article. (4) "We may have to migrate people out of California." 
God wants us to repent and turn back to Him, but I don't believe He orchestrated this drought, that this is man's own doing. The reason I know its a man made induced crisis is because they have the ability to induce rain through weather engineering. That they are clearly taking no action speaks volumes. They are also far too late with only one year of water reserves to let people know they need to reduce water usage, too late to close the thousands of golf courses, too late to put real restrictions on the lady at my gym who takes 20 minute showers due to her mental illness, too late to prohibit the use of watering down sidewalks in order to clear a few leaves away, and too late to let people know how threatening this drought is to their future!

Take heed, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! this is the work of evil men who want power, control and domination over everyone on this planet.  Never put your trust in the government or in the hands of men, especially whom you do not even know personally! There are evil men who are planning on unleashing hell on earth. Turn to God, His Word and repent of sin asking Jesus for forgiveness. Accept the Holy Spirit and He will lead you to safety. At least if you somehow lose your physical life on earth, you'll have sealed your eternal fate to be with God forever in heaven rather than hell.

We can't do anything to earn our way as alleged good people into heaven, what Jesus did on the cross was a gift because all of humanity is fallen without hope if it weren't for Jesus solving our spiritual problem at the cross as the Messiah!  God gave us a way out through His beloved Son and doesn't want to lose anyone to hell. Unfortunately I've met personally with at least one man who told me he wanted to go to hell. Believe it or not, there are those who willfully seek hell as their final eternal resting place.  That man wasn't ignorant of hell's existence but many Americans today are living in inexcusable ignorance.  It's time to wake-up that God has a timeline and heaven's gates will be closing forever! God won't be unlocking those gates to listen to anyone's sorry tale, there will be no excuse acceptable to Him.

All who allowed ignorance, not God, to rule their lives, who refuse to repent and turn to Him for forgiveness, have no hope of escaping eternal hell.. Ignorance is not bliss!

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